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URGENT(ish) Asthmatics taking Fostair; please read this

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KatyMac Mon 04-Jun-12 19:41:37

Hi - DH takes Fostair & has done for some time. At the hospital last time we went we were told that the inhaler only has 28 doses and DH should throw it away after 28 days because there is 'extra' propellant in it & he could get as many as a weeks more 'doses' which contain no medication.

I don't know if everyone who takes Fostair knows this; so I thought I'd nag

Mickey151 Thu 15-Nov-12 13:00:19

Regarding Fostair inhaler, does anyone know if Fostair can cause gastric problems? I have been on it for about a year now and for the last 4 months have been having severe acid reflux and stomach pain. My doctor says it is not the Fostair but I have my doubts.

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