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Fresh Thread for the Fag Free Few

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charliecat Sun 19-Feb-06 11:30:04

Thought another one was needed

charliecat Sun 19-Feb-06 11:32:57

P.S I put Fag Free Freaks to begin with then changed my mind

normanprice Sun 19-Feb-06 12:06:10

Hi Charliecat I've joinned you.
D day for me tomorrow I'll need all the help I can get!

charliecat Sun 19-Feb-06 12:07:27

Have you been reading up on whyquit? Really did find myself that ammunition from my own brain was needed

normanprice Sun 19-Feb-06 12:13:39

Regarding the name of this thread I don't know that I should have joinned you yet, as I am not a member of the fag free few YET !

charliecat Sun 19-Feb-06 12:15:04

Im mind but not in spirit you are

normanprice Sun 19-Feb-06 12:16:24

No I haven't been reading whyquit as I know why I should quit (when I honestly think about it), though maybe this would spell it out in black and white and stop me from pretending to myself. It's will power I need most

charliecat Sun 19-Feb-06 12:18:52 read, honestly It will help enormously.

normanprice Sun 19-Feb-06 12:22:17

Thanks I will. Off to finish dinner now. I'll post again tomorrow and let you know how I'm doing
You and the others on here give me the encouragement I need.

GeorgieVickyLou Sun 19-Feb-06 22:33:36

2 weeks today ed i've managed it.

How is every one getting on?

Good luck norman.

charliecat Mon 20-Feb-06 10:12:05

Well Done you Are you finding it easier or harded than you imagined?
Go Norman Come here and rattle No actually a fine place to be Happy Reading

canadianmum Mon 20-Feb-06 11:17:12

Hello everyone, nice to have a new thread, thanks charlie and well done on the theory test, when is the big test???

Whyquit was very useful for me, esp in the first few days.

You can do it norman, just stay strong and feel your body getting CLEAN.......

Have had a few cravings the last couple of days, not sure why, so last night I looked up smoking related illnesses in our big medical book - wow, did that ever KILL those cravings.

My Quitkeeper software says I have now been off the fags for 18 days and have not smoked 240 cigarettes saving me £61.35. Cool!!

Kidstrack2 Mon 20-Feb-06 11:21:05

Hi ya just to say good luck to all that are quitting, my mum and dad both smoked round us as kids and I hated it, I used to go to school smelling of ash tray, I always said I never felt the urge to smoke as I just inhailed theirs

prettyfly1 Mon 20-Feb-06 16:42:16

guys, sat is my two month fag free anniversary, but what i want to know is, when do the cravings get a bit easier, its still really tough and getting lots of cravings/

charliecat Mon 20-Feb-06 16:43:49

Not sure if theres a time scale, but if you persist by not smoking then it DOES go away. And now I never crave a fag or find myself following a smoker down the road. xxx

canadianmum Tue 21-Feb-06 11:00:43

prettyfly, recalling my previous "successful" quit (3 years) I remember 3 months was a big milestone and it was around then when I had my first day of no cravings. I am sure it's different for everyone, but hang on in there, you will have your big NO CRAVINGS DAY soon!!

Day 20 for me today . DH is doing better now too, thank goodness!

prettyfly1 Tue 21-Feb-06 12:37:25

ah well done my lovelies. i am so looking forward to that day. funnily enought though, i dont follow other smokers, i hate the smell with a total passion and always have. i jsut miss it of a night time/

charliecat Tue 21-Feb-06 16:22:27

I think I have took to beer drinking in the evening

prettyfly1 Tue 21-Feb-06 17:24:15

i have taken to maniacally emptying my fridge of its contents, leading me to gain an inordinate amount of weight in a very short time. dammit

charliecat Tue 21-Feb-06 17:26:25

Oh yes, me too I hang off my fridge door now...waiting for something to call my name...however, I am must more enthusiastic about exercise/walks etc now so dont mind the extra podge. Its worth it.
Better to be fat and fit than skinny and smoking.

normanprice Wed 22-Feb-06 18:15:53

Well done everyone in overcomming the addition.
I haven't posted for a few days as I was to embarressed by my failure yet again .
I decided yesterday after breaking again that I need more help and brought some more patches. Today I havn't smoked though it has been hard at times, particulary when using the computer and phone. Must go now before the craving becomes tooooooooo much

charliecat Wed 22-Feb-06 18:18:35

I had to end phone calls early/move on from things etc, i think I kept saying to myself if anythings too hard them leave it for can always go back to it in a better frame of mind.

flutterbee Wed 22-Feb-06 21:21:22

I have had 2 really big cravings this week, I have no idea why as I have been able to really control my cravings before and not let it get to me, but these 2 were huge. I didn't give in thank God but it has been touch and go, I have even found myself in the last week staring longingly at the shelves behind the counter in out local shop at the huge variety of cigarettes I could have if I really really wanted them.

It has been 6 weeks and 3 days so far (2 weeks and 3 days of that with no patches) I am really proud of myself and would be devastated if I failed now.

charliecat Wed 22-Feb-06 21:57:46

You do still have that choice, always, smoke or not smoke, but the longer it goes on, the further away you are from your last fag, the easier it is to say no.
However, they always seem worth having while your stopping.....
brain boggling. Well done for not doing must be proud I am of you

canadianmum Thu 23-Feb-06 20:01:46

Where is everybody?

It is my 3 week anniversary today, extra glass of wine or beer for everybody!!!!

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