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why am I swelling?

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smartie Wed 03-Dec-03 08:40:19

Yesterday I was very itchy, my joints and muscles achedand I think I had a bit of a rash, today I'm swelling up! It's painful. Does anyone know why this might be?

motherinferior Wed 03-Dec-03 08:54:52

I get this as an allergic reaction to (a) sulphanamide antibiotics (b) zinc oxide plaster. Does this in any way help?

twiglett Wed 03-Dec-03 09:17:21

message withdrawn

CountessDracula Wed 03-Dec-03 09:23:59

Have you taken any new drugs? Or eaten anything odd? Itch all over or in a specific area?

smartie Wed 03-Dec-03 09:40:03

Thanks for your replies, having just done the school run I learnt from another mum that my symptons are similar to that of the adult version of slapped cheek syndrome that dd2 had last week. I came home to investigate and this is the site I visited
I couldn't do a link but should anyone be interested you could copy and paste. I feel better for having a diagnoses and can stop worrying about sinister illnesses!

smartie Wed 03-Dec-03 09:45:46

I've managed it!

slapped cheek syndrome

morocco Wed 03-Dec-03 12:00:38

poor you - I've had that - you might have achy joints for a while but hot baths are great (if you've got the time). I'm not sure but it might be worth letting anyone you know who's pregnant know you've got it too as I remember a colleague of mine got it while pregnant and had to have a couple of tests to make sure all was OK

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