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projectile vomiting and diarrhea after hysterectomy

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deleting Sat 12-May-12 11:03:13

Has anyone had any experience of this? DM had a hysterectomy with no complications about 10 days ago. Since then she's been violently sick once or twice a day with large volumes of fluid (she's eating tiny amounts at the moment) and seems to bring it all up. Blood tests and stool sample have shown no sign of infection and a scan was done on the hysterectomy site and kidneys and this was all normal. She seems fine in herself, although gets tired quite easily, which isn't surprising. She was discharged from hospital two days ago with anti nausea tablets and omeprazole, but is still being sick with the medication (and diarrhea). I've suggested just plain rice for a couple of days to see if she can keep it down, but we've had no advice from the hospital as to what to do next or when to start panicking. Worried she's going to get dehydrated. What are the signs? She's drinking and taking dioralyte, but not sure if it's all coming back up? Heeeelllppppp!

deleting Sat 12-May-12 11:12:24

she's had one day when she wasn't sick (the day she was discharged), but not sure what was different. Perhaps it was just the distraction of going home. Maybe she had a bug, but now it's gone her body has just got used to rejecting anything that goes in. Is that possible? How can we break the cycle?

KlickKlackknobsac Sat 12-May-12 11:30:05

Could it be a reaction to he anaesthetic if its not an infection?
try dry toast and water.
not possible to reject food forever.
If still vomiting go back to walk-in centre I suppose.

deleting Sat 12-May-12 11:37:22

thanks klickklack. She did wonder whether it was to do with the anaesthetic. It does seem a long time afterwards though. I think you're right, we'll give it a couple more days of very bland food and then go back for advice. It's just so disappointing, after all the worry beforehand, when the operation went well, we thought this would be the end of it.

HereIGo Sat 12-May-12 11:38:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

deleting Sat 12-May-12 11:49:03

HereIGo thanks for reply. she doesn't have any pain and they did a stool sample test which was negative.

deleting Sat 12-May-12 13:31:51


deleting Sat 12-May-12 13:31:53


Rezolution Sat 12-May-12 13:36:16

deleting This happened with my mother-in-law when she had her hysterectomy. They sent her home when they knew she had not kept anything down after the op. It went on for days until I asked for a home visit from GP. The explanation she gave was that they push the bowel around when they do the op, which results in bruising and then the bowel becomes sensitive. It did get better with the anti-sickness tablets the GP prescribed but it sounds as if you already have those. hth

deleting Sun 13-May-12 19:53:30

Thanks rezolution, that's reassuring. She's had a better day today and hasn't been sick in the last 24 hours, so hopefully she will keep improving.

KlickKlackknobsac Sun 13-May-12 21:02:50

very informative Rezolution I will remember that. They are so rough when they operate aren't they?'
Glad things are getting better deleting

deleting Tue 15-May-12 14:03:45

Thanks for all your replies. She's not been sick for days now and the 'other end' seems to be improving as well. grin I think she must have been operated on by Giant Haystacks to have bruised her that much. Anyway.

N5489E Tue 08-Nov-16 08:54:56

Five days after hysterectomy, my 67 year old wife is still can't keep anything down, including anti-nausea drugs. HELP!

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