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8 month check up

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Pamina Tue 27-Nov-01 13:21:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bugsy Tue 27-Nov-01 13:43:26

When you get home tonight (if you still have the energy after your hideous night) have a look in your dd's red book and that will give you a rough idea.
As far as I can tell it varies considerably depending on the hv you have and how busy they are. Some of them are very thorough checking hearing with claps from different sides of the room and sight by getting the baby to follow coloured blocks etc. Others just seem to observe the baby and if everything seems OK, not worry too much. Most seem to ask if you have any concerns and they'll check what your dd is eating, drinking etc.
Some of them will talk to you about immunisations and other health stuff, others don't.

Smew Tue 27-Nov-01 13:47:48

I took ds a few weeks ago. They checked height, weight and head circumferance. He had a hearing check - a distraction test where he sat on my lap and one hv tried various noises on each side to see if he turned towards them. They also checked that he could pick up objects of different sizes. Finally, I was asked to make a GP appointment for a general check - all very straightforward and non-traumatic.

Pamina Wed 28-Nov-01 09:13:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joe1 Wed 28-Nov-01 09:42:53

Pamina, when you go for your check they use a seperate sheet which shows things they should be doing. It is shown in blocks and spread over a time period, so the crawling bit might spread to say a year. Am I making sense.

Emmam Wed 28-Nov-01 13:16:13

Be prepared for it to take a long time! Its not a quick process. The hearing test can take a while, especially if baby is not being co-operative. My son wasn't interested in the bricks and things the health visitor gave him to check his motor skills and kept trying to disappear out of the door! They have this knack of knowing they are being 'tested' and as a result don't co-operate at all! And don't start me on the next check at 18/24 months! Now that was a nightmare - talk about tantrum city. Not looking forward to the last one, which quite honestly, I think is a waste of time as far as my son is concerned. Someone told me they are a legal requirement. Does any one know if this is true?

Bugsy Thu 29-Nov-01 09:45:53

I think the checks can vary hugely. Ours were so informal and quick. The HV popped in, sat on the sofa, watched our ds, asked us a few questions and was off again. At neither 8 mths or 2 yrs were any formal tests conducted at all. Neither check lasted more than 30 mins. However, another mum in my NCT group had her HV in the house for 2 hours for the 2 year check. So, I really think it is a bit of a lottery.

Tech (MNHQ) Thu 29-Nov-01 18:35:33


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