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Worried about baby's hernia operation

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twinthing Tue 14-Feb-06 04:15:08

Just found out today that dd3 (younger twin) has an inguinal hernia and will have to have surgery. Am so worried, twins were born 5 wks early and are now only 9 wks old...does anyone have any experience of this type of operation? she's so tiny (6 lbs) i feel scared for her to undergo anaesthetic..

CaptainDippy Tue 14-Feb-06 14:03:29

Hi honey!! DD2 had a para-umblical hernia and had it operated on back in Oct - everything was absolutely fine. It is a very straight-forward operation, doesn't take very long at all and my DD hardly has a scar (they cut around the top of her bellybutton and you wouldn't even notice.) I was completely crapping myself too, but it was fine and the recovery time was remarkable fast!! Keep me up to date!

juliab Tue 14-Feb-06 14:05:49

really sorry to hijack but CD how old was you dd when she had her op? my ds3 (2) has an umbilical hernia, so just wondering..
Hope all goes well for you and dd3, twinthing

chjlly Tue 14-Feb-06 14:10:21

my ds had an inguinal hernia at 6 weeks which was his due date. he weighed about 4lb at this time and underwent surgery there & then to correct. It is a routine operation to them as it is quite often done as day surgery. We went in on a Friday & was home on the monday.
The scar is in a crease & is small I look where it was on ds and you can hardly see the scar now.
It was worrying when he went in as he was in theatre slightly longer than we were told he would be but everything was fine.
I hope everything goes ok with your dd.

CaptainDippy Tue 14-Feb-06 14:18:54

Juliab - DD2 would have been erm about 20 months when she had the op - so not a tiny, but still pretty frightening all the same - Is your DS3's hernia a para-umblical cos he should have the op done asap if it is - if not, they wait til they go to school and if it is still there, then they operate.

juliab Tue 14-Feb-06 14:31:23

thick question: what's a para-umbilical hernia exactly?

Eulalia Tue 14-Feb-06 14:39:34

Hi - my son had a hernia op at 16 months. I think it was an inguinal one as it was in his groin. It was very straightforward and he was in theatre for only about half an hour. I got to go right in with him and hold him while they gave the anaesthetic (with a mask). He was out of hospital the same day. He seemed to feel no pain at all afterwards.

Can they do the surgery when she is a bit bigger or does it have to be done soon?

CaptainDippy Tue 14-Feb-06 21:03:24

Para-Umbilical is an umbilical (bellybutton) hernia which is HUGE and bulging and gross and will just continue to get bigger and bigger if it's not repaired - A normal umbilical hernia will often just clear away by itself and is not such a worry.

fishie Tue 14-Feb-06 21:14:38

twinthing my ds had an inguinal hernia op in nov, aged 6 months - it took about 2 months from diagnosis to op. it was day surgery but not at our local hospital as baby anaesthetic is a specialism. i was so worried but it was all ok, by far the worst was the starving beforehand, he was terribly hungry and screaming. as Eulalia says, is gas with a mask - they blew bubbles to distract him as they did it. he was absolutely fine afterwards and we only gave paracetamol for 24 hours, he had no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

my dp had ih when a baby too but his became strangulated and, he had to have emergency op - this is why they operate asap. have they said anything at all to you about when and where op is likely to happen?

twinthing Wed 15-Feb-06 19:04:52

Hi fishie, they've said they anticipate to do it in the next couple of months....aswell as dd3 having the inguinal hernia- both twins have the umbilical hernias too, hopefully they'll go like ds1's did...hopefully ds3 will be bigger and stronger by the time the op comes round..

fishie Wed 15-Feb-06 20:05:16

it really is a very routine op though, they moved ds up to first on the list as he was screaming the place down with hunger, originally he was going to be last since it's such a quick uncomplicated procedure.

if any comfort i have heard it is faster recovery the younger they are.

fastasleep Wed 15-Feb-06 20:19:34

My 2 month old (well she was at the time) had two ovarian hernias, honestly we were in one night out the next, it was a very painless operation! I didn't even get time to worry about her... it's when you get the time to think that it becomes so worrying.... your DD should be right as rain xxx

mine wasn't even on calpol the next day!

Eulalia Wed 15-Feb-06 22:39:58

I was told no food the night before but my ds had a breastfeed in the night and they said OK as it is digested so quickly. Hope all goes well with the op when it does come round.

verytiredmummy1 Mon 15-Aug-16 21:27:52

Hugely old thread, but my baby needs to have this op.anyone else's DC had it? I'm worried sad

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