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I had a little accident today, I wet myself am I alone?

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veryredfaced Sat 11-Feb-06 18:19:15

name changed for obvious reasons.

Today while I at work I went to the toilet, then 5 mins later I felt wet, I thought I had suddenly come on, went to the toilet only to find that I had wet myself, I am talking about more than a few drops (the gussett was wet), I didn't even feel it come out.

I not had this problem before, I have not had a baby for 5 years, I wasn't laughing, coughing, sneezing or anything that could contribute to it come out, I am only 30 with 1 child.

For some reason I have not been able to shake this off today, it has made me deeply upset to the point when I am checking to see if I have done it again every 20 mins, analising the slightest thing down there. Imagining that I will soon start wetting the bed and this is going to be the start of something. I usually might not have worried but my dp is working away and wont be back for a few days.

Can anyone think of another reason for a leak, or if this has happened to anyone else.

Pixiefish Sat 11-Feb-06 18:46:08

If you didn't feel it happening then I'd go to the doc's for a check up

cupcakes Sat 11-Feb-06 18:48:48

I can understand why you are upset - I remember being mortified after wetting myself not long after dd was born. And that was when I knew what the reason was.
In your situation I would recommend going to the doctor if it happens again.

JennyLee Sat 11-Feb-06 18:54:49

Please go to the doctor thsi can be symptoms of other things and instead of torturing yourself imagining allsorts or feeling bad about it you need to get a medical opinion to put your mind at rest, and aprt from no one knows about it don't feel bad.

JennyLee Sat 11-Feb-06 18:55:50

apart from us who don't know who you are. dont worry too much but get a check up to be on the safe side

veryredfaced Sat 11-Feb-06 19:02:57

Thanks I will go to the doctor if it happens again.

I have tried to think more calmly about it, I was at work when it happened and I tend to rush about as I can leave one my work is done, I held it in for ages because I was in the middle of something, maybe I was in too much of a rush and didn't empty bladder properly.

SorenLorensen Sat 11-Feb-06 19:04:27

It sounds like your bladder didn't empty completely - I've googled and this can be something called overflow incontinence but it's far more common in men than women. When I was very pregnant I used to have trouble emptying my bladder completely (and kept getting UTIs) and I found rocking gently back and forth while weeing helped (but I can't remember if I read that somewhere or just did it of my own accord).

As it's only happened once I would try not to get too far ahead of yourself with fears of wetting the bed etc. - it may have been a one-off. If it does happen again get yourself to the GP - and don't be embarrassed, it's very common and there are things you can do to improve the situation (the dreaded pelvic floor exercises).

jalopy Sat 11-Feb-06 19:45:35

Veryredface, where are you in your cycle? At ovulation your normal discharge can become very watery. Do you think that it might be vaginal rather than urinary leak?

vitomum Sat 11-Feb-06 20:25:14

i know how upsetting this can be too. i would still go to the doctors even if it doesn'y happen again cos it mights still meen that your pelvic floor needs some work. Do you do aerobic exercise? my pelvic floor problem first began when i strated running. oh and if you are feeling anxious about it happening again i would suggest a discreet pantyliner for a few days.

katymac Sat 11-Feb-06 20:28:35

Also you can leak with a UTI - so get it checked

veryredfaced Sun 12-Feb-06 16:48:57

Its not happened again today, and I have been doing pelvic floor exercises at work inbetween customers.

Whats a UTI?

I am extrelemly irregular where periods are concerned, have been due on for several weeks now (definately not pregnant).

SleepyJess Sun 12-Feb-06 16:51:16

urinary tract infection

veryredfaced Sun 12-Feb-06 16:59:35


TBH I did feel a little weird down there sort of like something wasn't quite right. I drank a litre of cranberry juice throught the day yesterday and feeling more normal today. Think I will call Doctor on Wednesday (next day off) if it happens again.

teacups Sun 12-Feb-06 21:01:52

Go to the dr's anyway - the most likely cause is a urine infection which can easily be sorted with antibiotics. If you don't treat them, they can progress up the tube to the kidneys which is far more unpleasant.

i agree it's very scary when you wet yourself without realising but most likely there is a very commmon (and easy to solve) explanation.

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