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Episiotomy scar still sore after 10weeks is this right??

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melsy Fri 28-Nov-03 18:47:57

Not sure if it is normal to be sore after this long. It also feels v tight & pulls in the nether regions!!!
Havent even attempted sex with Dh as worried it will hurt as sore still.
How do I know wether they stitched me up correctly, as I can feel a lump at top end of the scar aaaaarrrrrggghhh????

SoupDragon Fri 28-Nov-03 20:48:10

I think mine was

To find out if you've been stitched correctly, you'd need to see your GP I think.

Forestfly Fri 28-Nov-03 20:48:47

6 months with me (sorry)

SenoraPostrophe Fri 28-Nov-03 20:51:03

I think about 4 months for me!

pupuce Fri 28-Nov-03 21:02:52

Go see your GP - it's the easiest way to find out if it was done properly. It can be painful for quite a while !

alison222 Sat 29-Nov-03 14:02:28

Mine didn't heal quite right and I had to have it cauterised. Sounds much worse than it was and after a few days it started to heal properly again and was much less painfull. Its worth a trip to the GP to have it looked at just in case. _ I take it youv'e tried to look with a mirror and make sure that there is no sign of infection?

Angeliz Sat 29-Nov-03 14:06:36

i remember mine taking a few monthe too! i could also feel a lump and it's still 'different'!Good luck

uknowme Sat 29-Nov-03 14:08:47

Message withdrawn

melsy Sat 29-Nov-03 14:18:22

Yes had it looked at 6 week check by nurse , but nothing was noticed. Bit worried about infection thingy!!!!! and what does cauterising entail - soree have v stupid head on at the moment!!!!!

BTW what does iykwim stand for, I am not up on all abreviations.

LIZS Sat 29-Nov-03 14:20:48

Took mine a few months to be comfortable but would still occasionally flare up if I wore pants or trousers with a tight elastic or hard seam. Much improvement after a little more care was taken second time.

If it is still bothering you and sore then go back to gp.

uknowme Sat 29-Nov-03 14:23:37

Message withdrawn

melsy Sat 29-Nov-03 14:35:08

Geeez GP is going to think I am a head case , been to him about so many major & minor problems. Feel like hypochondriac!!!!

CnR Sat 29-Nov-03 14:41:09

Didn't have episotomy bu did have a cs scar. The ends of that scar were also like little lumps. I think it is the type of stiches they do sometimes - like one big running stick tied at each end. That may be what the lump is.

Might be worth a trip to GPs or to the nurse just to check it all out though if it is sore.

steppemum Sun 30-Nov-03 14:02:51

mine was sore for ages, and they tested for infection, but said it was fine, just sore I didn't even think about sex til 12 weeks, and then it was still uncomfy. I think it was about 4-5 months before I began to believe I would stop being tender. sorry

Bozza Sun 30-Nov-03 14:10:06

Mine was sore for several weeks. And got better. We has sex again at 12 weeks but initial penetration was uncomfortable and certain positions had to be avoided at first. The lump could be scar tissue but no way of telling until you see the doctor I'm afraid. And don't worry about being an hypochondriac - I never seemed to be out of the surgery after DS was born.

handlemecarefully Mon 01-Dec-03 10:02:52

Mine was sore for several months - but when getting a coil fitted 3 months post partum they swabbed for infection and I had a strep infection in the wound. That accounted for some of the soreness.

salt Mon 01-Dec-03 10:31:49

Mine was also painful for quite a few months... and 18months on I still have the odd twinge, mentioned it to my GP once (I was there for soemthing else) and he said it was quite normal and the twinges are because of nerves kitting back together (or somthing) apparently can happen for along time afterwards.

bluecow Mon 01-Dec-03 15:10:57

Had a biopsy a few years ago in same area as episiotomy would be. Was definitely stitched up too tight as sex painful after that. But then had bad tear when giving birth to ds last year and was re stitched beautifully as sex not painful now so you may have to be brave and have the area redone. The midwife who stiched me said that can be done if stitches haven't healed properly or have left you too tight.

He also told me to have a bath every day for the first 6 weeks to help the healing. Perhaps this may still help you?

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