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Question for those who have taken Lustral/Zoloft

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pie Tue 25-Nov-03 13:05:46

I've been on other ADs before, and its taken about 6 weeks to feel better. My GP sais Lustral would take 2-4 weeks to reach optimum benefit. Well I've been on it for nearly 3 weeks now. The first week I felt ok, but now I'm thinking that was just because I felt like I was taking steps to bring my depression under control. But since then....well lets just say the past few days I've had panic attacks, felt anxious and today just, quite honestly, feel like throwing myself under a moving vehicle. Should I ask my GP about upping the dose? For those that b/f on Lustral what doseage is regarded as safe? I'm on 50mcg now.

Is this stuff going to work?

pupuce Tue 25-Nov-03 13:10:19

Pie - I don't know the answer..... but huge hugs from me......

bluebear Tue 25-Nov-03 16:26:09

Also don't know - could panic attacks etc. be side effects?
Is it worth going back to GP anyway, for reassurance that it will get better if not to up dose/change AD?
Sorry can't be of more help. BB

ks Tue 25-Nov-03 16:35:28

Message withdrawn

kizzie Tue 25-Nov-03 17:39:37

Hello pie - definately go back to docs and tell them how you are feeling. The problem is that SSRI's CAN make you feel worse before you feel better.
Hope you get some reassurance from the doc.

JJ Tue 25-Nov-03 17:47:20

Pie, my GP also told me to ring him immediately if things got worse. (I'm not on Lustral, though.) He did say that if it didn't work, he'd switch me. It's working, thank goodness.

From a keynote address by Thomas Hale, PhD to the LLL :

[Re ADs] Zoloft is the "best drug choice so far". It has a low, low transfer rate to breastmilk (17-173 ug/liter) in mothers taking up to 150 mg/day. In one excellent study of 11 mother/infant pairs, the zoloft was undetectable in 7 of the 11 breastfeeding infants' serum and minimal in the other infants. In two other studies of one and three mother/infant pairs respectively, zoloft was undetectable in the plasma of all 4 infants. A theoretical concern with Zoloft is that some babies may not gain weight as rapidly or as well when breastfed by moms on Zoloft; so weight gain should be monitored and dosage tweaked as necessary.

naughtynoonoo Wed 26-Nov-03 08:35:19


I was on Lustral before I fell pregnant, I remember one of the rare effects was that you could feel suicidal, I think that this was supposed to wear off over a few days,but I would ring doctor with your anxieties, it's better safe than sorry. I felt really better on Lustral and wished I went on it sooner, wasn't on it long before I fell pregnant, was advised to come off it and apart from feeling dizzy had no side effects. Take care of yourself. NNN

pie Wed 26-Nov-03 09:05:06

Hi, thanks for the messages. I've been on other SSRIs with sucess in the past, just Lustral is considered the safest when b/f (Hale is good isn't he JJ? ) so this drug is new territory for me.

I was feeling suicidal before I went on the drug, the feelings went away for a couple of weeks then have started to build up again, so I don't think that the drug is causing these feelings iykwim?

I will try to make an appointment today, though I know my GP is away at the moment. I would think that if the dose is correct I would be feeling the benefits by now though?

Ho hum...

kizzie Wed 26-Nov-03 10:32:05

Pie - Im not saying this to persuade you not to go to doctor - still think you should check with them. But I think that for many people its often more like 4-6 weeks before you really feel any benefit rather than 2-4 weeks.
Everyone has different reactions to them.

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