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what is wrong with my hands and fingers, extremely painful if i knock or bang them.

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piratecat Mon 12-Mar-12 11:18:23

I have had this for about 6 months, if i knock my hand or finger on something, it is bloody excruciating. Really sensitive to pain. It's most bizarre. No broken skin, or anything like that. They are a bit dry, but not visibly dry iyswim.

It hurts ridiculously to knock them, in comparison to the force of the knock.

it sometimes makes me cry!! Can't find anything thru googling so havent gone to doc.

WhatWouldFreddieDo Mon 12-Mar-12 11:23:26

It's not normal and seems to be causing you a lot of pain, so I would go to the doc anyway smile

piratecat Mon 12-Mar-12 11:25:53

yes i keep thinking i should. am not normally one to put these things off. it isn't normal no. DD gets annoyed when i get the pain, and says mum you said you were going to go!

Surely a google would give me an idea, it's just a strange thing isn't it.

Kellamity Mon 12-Mar-12 11:27:43

Definitely go and see your GP. Not finding anything on google doesn't mean a thing. You should never google your symptoms anyway, tis a dangerous past time wink

piratecat Mon 12-Mar-12 11:39:35

hmm, i should go, just don't want to feel like i am wasting doc time, (because i haven't found a shred of info on this!).

Would love someone to come along here and go 'oh i know what you mean'.

ok. will go. been to the docs for dd alot just recently, it must be my turn.!

Kellamity Mon 12-Mar-12 11:53:43

Well done, you are not wasting their time. Come back and tell us what they say. I predict they will take some bloods and go from there.

piratecat Mon 12-Mar-12 11:54:48

BLOODS you say shock

grimmace-ok will do.

Pandsbear Mon 12-Mar-12 12:04:19

I don't have exactly the same but your comment It hurts ridiculously to knock them, in comparison to the force of the knock rang bells.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and this happens to me but it is if I knock or bend my thumbs accidentally. I am in agony and it just looks like a slight brush with a bag or against the edge of the sink etc. This does not mean you have anything like arthritis but you def. have my sympathy. Yes go to the Drs and see what she/he says.

piratecat Mon 12-Mar-12 12:17:55

thats it exaxctly! If i catch my hand on the door, opening a new bottle of pop (have to use a towel). Scratch my hand on a zip, just the normal stuff, it's xxx10 in pain.

i am 43, and have to say i think my knuckle joints on 1st and 2nd fingers, that face my thumbs are sticking out more the last yr or so.


LalaSalama Sat 26-Jan-13 19:00:04

I found this thread searching in Google as am having exactly the same problem with my hands. The slightest tap is really painful. It's really annoying! Did you ever find a reason piratecat? I also get burst blood vessels in my fingers from time to time, often if I touch something metallic.

I have the same pain problem with my ears (the external part!) - if I scratch them, it is agony!!

LalaSalama Sat 26-Jan-13 19:05:19

One possibility I've considered is fibromyalgia -an article I read talks about excessive pain responses to normal touch - although I don't have severe fatigue or lots of muscle aching.

jrc3 Thu 06-Jun-13 12:29:47

Hi, good to read the messages above. I have looked this up and found your comments, so I am not imagining it! My hands are really hurting with the slightest knock, it has been like this for a few weeks! any more news of what this might be? I too don't really want to go to the docters yet!

LH1974 Sun 22-Feb-15 16:55:15

Hello, just came across this from while back!
Did the person who first wrote get checked out pls?

Mammachi Sun 01-Mar-15 19:59:55

Exactly this is happening to me, but only on the side of my left middle finger around the nail and first joint.
I am finding that very slight knocks that would never normally hurt are really hurting! It happens about 5-10 times a day just doing ordinary activities and I've had it for about a month! Has anyone got anywhere with this?
I feel like my doctor will think I'm nuts if I go with one painful finger tip!!!!

timbd81 Fri 06-Mar-15 10:36:25

Im having the same problem as you but on my ring finger right hand side around the nail but feels deeper than the nail, almost to the bone on my left hand. If a knock it on anything im on my knees holding my left hand almost in tears and im a 33 year old male. Ive had this for 6 years and its got progresively worse. its got to the point where it constantly throbs especially in cold weather and im getting pulsing sharp pains up the length of the finger and somtimes but very rarely up my arm too. Im guessing its nerve damage And i have only just recently seen a plastic surgion, hes told me to do rehab on my finger for 3 months before he will cut the nerve out from my finger. The only reason i went to see a plastic surgeon is that i cant get to sleep at night cause its trobbing that bad. The rehab doesnt work its still the same old finger after ive had ultrasound and tried to desentersise it with bowls of rice or chic peas or the like, it just wont go away. So im back at the surgeons on march 16 2015 to see what he says. If you or anyone else has had the same problem and had it fixed please let me know my email is im either going to get the nerve cut out or chop off my own finger.

timbd81 Fri 06-Mar-15 10:46:50

Also i just want to say that it just feels like a normal finger till you knock it. There is no pain to touch somthing normally, its only when you touch somthing too hard with the finger, the pain is like having your finger smashed inbetween a table and a hammer, hard. And the pain will last for a few minutes if not longer. I found running the finger under hot water from the tap seems to make it better.

helshels Tue 28-Apr-15 04:00:09

Omg, this is the first time I found people with the same symptoms that i have. Mine is my little finger. If I knock it ever so slighlty, the pain is excruciating and lasts a good couple of minutes. I've had it for years and have been to doctors, they have no idea. One suggested to sever the nerve. Yes hot water or putting it in my mouth seems to help the pain slightly. I'm so desperate (only just knocked it. I was in tears, hence again trying to find anything that may help. google.

I remember years ago I would get a tingling in both ring and little fingers before it became painful) but more so in my left fingers, then slowly it was only the little finger. On occasion I still get a tingle/slight pain in my ring finger.

There have been times when its worse than others, where I would get shooting pain for no reason and its constant last for 1/2 a day. the worst is at night. Impossible to sleep. thankfully these episodes are few

anngeorge Mon 08-Jun-15 04:01:54

hi I get exactly the same as you the softest knock and it hurts have you found out what it is and what causes it

helshels Tue 09-Jun-15 06:17:26

Hey anngeorge, I'm none the wiser. I was hoping on this thread that there was someone that had some news that could help. It drives me nuts.

Jillytitch Wed 27-Jan-16 18:03:46

I have been to the docs today re my painful hands when I knock them. She said it was all to do with thinning of the subcutaneous skin i.e. fat layers, as you get older which means that there is not so much protection for veins, tendons etc, so not a lot can be done. I wear fingerless gloves to give bit of protection and this helps a bit

Luuuz Fri 10-Feb-17 00:26:45

I'm so glad I found this thread. I have had a very painful left thumb since I was very small. The slightest knock (even a brush from something) will leave me crying in pain then it will throb on and off for days. It's hurts like crazy when it gets cold. Only way to sooth the pain a little is hot water. About 10 years ago I went to the docs and had an unsuccessful operation. They said something about a lump in a blood vessel. I then had a second operation as they said I had a trapped nerve but that didn't work.
I've not been back to the docs about it since as I felt defeated. Just ever so lately I felt I can't take no more but as I'm having treatment for a bad back and everything is getting on top of me.

I'm going to make a doc appointment as soon as possible and get referred.

Anyone here had any luck with a diagnosis?

scaryteacher Fri 10-Feb-17 11:04:11

I have this too and find that warmth helps. I have a cherry stone pillow I can nuke and then wrap my hands in it. The other thing that does help is called Joint Flex. It's a glucosamine gel with menthol and horse chestnut extract, and if I use it on my fingers for a couple of days the pain goes. It also works on knees. You can get it in Boots, and I've ordered it from Amazon as well.

salcollins Sat 27-May-17 08:55:19

I went to my Doctor this week with the same issue. Hideous pain even just brushing my fingers against biscuit box or material strap. She doesn't know what has caused it, but said that it was the nerves that are overreacting. We are watching it to see if it develops, but in the meantime she prescribed 100mg of Thiamine (B1) 3 times per day. It has made a huge difference, so at least get onto that to stop the pain and swearing!

marsham Tue 17-Oct-17 04:30:38

Hi Guys, I have had the similar pain for about 3 years now. I did some research and suspected that I had a Glomus Tumor. I found an article on Washingston Post which described my symptoms exactly:

I presented this to a hand specialist doctor who confirmed my suspicions. I will be doing my surgery in two weeks time which hopefully, I will finally be pain free. Hopefully this article helps as I have been living with pain for 3 years with no one being able to help me

WhatWouldKimGordonDo Mon 22-Jan-18 10:53:47

Thank you
I have just found this thread after a humiliating telephone consultation with a Nurse that told me there was nothing to see on the ultrasound. I feel like I'm making a fuss about nothing asking for another appointment with the consultant.

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