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juneybean Sun 11-Mar-12 18:42:31

Why is there a shortage? sad I really don't like the boots own paracetamol and codeine, too chalky.


duffybeatmetoit Fri 22-Jun-12 20:27:08

Back in the shops but pharmacist advised it may go out of production again so stock up!

elainec33 Sun 24-Jun-12 23:28:30

They are available in Cambridge as well. I bought several boxes before they ran out several months ago and was coming to towards the end I noticed yesterday in Boots they were £5.25 but dont know if that was for 20 or 30. Anyway in the meantime I had also done as someone suggested previously and bought my own ingredients which works out much cheaper. Syndol consists of

You can make your own up by buying
Boots paracetamol and codeine which contain:

Doxylamine is available from Amazon and costs about £6.25 for 96 tablets 25mg or £8.00 for 192. They are very small and only scored down the middle but 12.5mg is too much for me, so I cut into quarters (need a blade to do that) bringing it down to 6.5 mg. I dont worry about the caffeine as its not good for me anyway.

balotelli Mon 25-Jun-12 06:26:28

Elaine. you dont worry about the caffeine as its not good for you? hmm not sure caffeine is any worse than all the other drugs in your concoction.

MimsyBorogroves Mon 25-Jun-12 07:12:23

It's in tesco pharmacy too.

Puppypanic Mon 25-Jun-12 07:24:11

That 'concoction' as you call it, is a lifesaver for those of us who suffer crippling migraines balotelli.

juneybean Mon 25-Jun-12 11:20:02

Ha better avoid the coffee then hmm

I'm glad we're all getting our stocks of Syndol back!

madlesley Tue 26-Jun-12 17:27:19

Hi, I've received 100 Syndol from zimseller, but my local pharmacy, the local NHS Trust, NHS direct and various laboratories all tell me that it's not possible for member of the public to get any pill tested. I've tried everything, can you tell me the name of your local pharmacy so I can pay them to test one of mine please?
Incidentally Syndol is back on the shelf now, but I still have a box of 100. Don't really want to waste the £50 it cost to buy and ship over here.
Many thanks.

Katieswimmer Wed 04-Jul-12 11:44:05

Found this forum when I was searching for Syndol on Google, so have decided to join! Not sure if people are still struggling but I have found some here at co-op pharmacy online - they have different sizes.

I have just bought some - hoping they will arive soon - I'm so happy it's available again. Hopefully it won't go out of production again. I'm going to stock up!

I hope that's helpful!

onthetiles Sat 21-Jul-12 13:43:00

Hi all, I noticed SYNDOL in my local independent Chemist today. I am so glad as I have a bad neck / headache pain, think i got my pillows mixed up. Just happened to see it on the shelf. The leaflet inside was updatged April 12. £5.99 for 30.

Diekasteel Wed 12-Dec-12 14:58:27

I have been addicted to Syndol for 30 years and am only now getting help, used to be a cop and got injured a lot allso headaches. Do some research into codeine before its to LATE.
There are better ways

Diekasteel Wed 12-Dec-12 15:02:55

if you guys are making your own then you are hooked WAKE UP!!!!!!

ThursdayWillBeTheDay Wed 12-Dec-12 19:14:15

Didn't know it had been on the market 30 yrs hmm

redheadinthekitchen Thu 31-Jan-13 14:55:21

what is happening with syndol - again?

does anyone know?

beingginger Thu 31-Jan-13 15:05:36

An ingredient shortage. I spoke to AAH (a wholesaler) yesterday and they have no date as to when it will come back.

jellybeans Thu 31-Jan-13 23:39:20

Some people say it has gone for good sad Hope not!

digerd Fri 01-Feb-13 16:01:56

Codeine , in Germany for decades, is prescription only. Greece will confiscate it at customs.
I used to take it with paracetamol only for period pain, once a month.
Later in life, I found that if i woke with a muzzy, foggy brain, taking just 5mg with paracetamol, helped to wake me up and feel more with it. But only took one when than happened.
Later, I was prescibed 30 mg of Codeine with Paracetamol after an op, but didn't need them. Got a bit of a head/neck pain one morning and took 2 as prescribed at mid-day on an empty stomach. After 20 minutes, I felt woozy, stood up to go to bed and collapsed unconscious and banged my head on something. When I came to, I was paralysed, but wore off after several seconds. Managed to get to bed and slept it off for 8 hours.
Nurofen plus contains 12.8 mg of codeine sulphate.

redheadinthekitchen Mon 04-Feb-13 23:56:32

I was told in a chemist they MIGHT be back in march

ricovenice Tue 05-Feb-13 12:10:20

I contacted the company that produce Syndol yesterday and this was the reply

Thank you for your email regarding Syndol.
Distribution of Syndol is currently on hold. We are working with the MHRA to secure a resolution but unlikely to resume production in the near future.
We can only recommend you to seek medical advice for an alternative treatment.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your ongoing patience.

Dawadaktari Thu 07-Feb-13 13:49:08

Found some at , a bit more expensive than normal retail price but better than not having any or buying from amazon where they are £30.00 +

ricovenice Thu 07-Feb-13 18:46:03

You need to be aware that purchasing from online chemists may not be what they appear to be and check them out first - most of these tablets are coming from abroad and may not be being produced by UK manufacturers

Sulawesi Wed 13-Feb-13 22:46:37

Dawadaktari, did your syndol arrive ok and are they genuine syndol tablets as far as you can tell?

RainbowKrystal Sun 10-Mar-13 15:15:36

It took me half a day last week but I sourced some gold! grin

Still available, I just checked - £7.49 for pack of 30 + P&P of £2.95
They also have packs of 10 & 20 in stock

My little gift to other Mums on Mothers Day thanks

Wilmaflinstone Wed 13-Mar-13 11:36:28

Has anyone bought Syndol from an online company called

Wilmaflinstone Wed 13-Mar-13 11:37:33

Has anyone bought Syndol from ''?

Tiara74 Fri 22-Mar-13 18:07:03

Have used Syndol for years and only thing that ever worked for my hellish time of the month migraines, however after reading this forum and getting advice on what to try :- 2x solpadeine plus tablets + half a doxylamine succinate tablet (available from Amazon)is working a treat. Would be nice to take it in one dose though as hate swallowing pills!!

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