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juneybean Sun 11-Mar-12 18:42:31

Why is there a shortage? sad I really don't like the boots own paracetamol and codeine, too chalky.


KalSkirata Wed 28-Mar-12 11:40:52

where can I buy these kirkland tablets?

Jonesammy Fri 30-Mar-12 10:40:32

I'm a Syndol fan too and used them to help with hormonal headaches as well as to relieve tension headaches. I was devastated when I discovered they were leaving the shelves and wished I had stocked up on them. Nothing else has helped. I tried to go onto the zimseller website to try and order Syndol from Zimbabwe but my anti-virus blocked a web attack! not good!! Demi - where did you get your order from? Thanks

Darling42 Fri 30-Mar-12 22:12:50

Me to!! I would love to know how u got on with the Zimseller website and are the ingredients etc the same? More info would be really appreciated Demi!! Thank you xx

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 31-Mar-12 07:25:15

Hi, I'm in France and my SIL asked me if I could get Syndol here, as she is also suffering from their loss! I went to the pharmacy here and the pharmacist gave me tablets with paracetamol, codeine and caffeine, and a separate packet of doxylamine for her. The doses are slightly different - slightly less paracetamol, slightly more codeine and caffeine, and she suggested half a tablet of the doxylamine to get the right dose. So if you are coming to France on holiday, this might be one solution for you, rather than a dodgy internet site?

dairyday Sun 01-Apr-12 00:17:27

I was going mad as the chemist were running or had no syndol. any way the company who made syndol also made Boots tension headache and propain plus thats why there aint none, (same company) as i have auras before my migraine the doc prescribed a high dosage of codine ect and threw them in the bin so in desperation searched the internet and found syndol 100 pack £50 from South Africa, yep i got them but round and hard to swallow, not that i cared but the 100% same, thank

daenerysstormborn Mon 02-Apr-12 21:40:18

not sure how i'm going to manage, am another migraine sufferer and syndol is about the only thing that helps, only got about 4 tablets left. can't take imigran as am allergic to it. wondering if dh has any of his tablets left from when he had his gallbladder out at christmas, the hospital sent his home with a shed load of stuff!

Mermaid81 Wed 04-Apr-12 12:45:37

I'm glad Syndol has gone! I have had a serious addiction to Syndol for the past 5 years.

I got to the point where I was taking it every day - anywhere between 12-20 tablets a day. I was dependent on it. I tried to not take it one day and got very sick. I had major withdrawals. A huge migraine and I was vomiting. I couldn't take it any longer and caved in a bought more Syndol. I took 5 at once (not uncommon for me at all. I would wake up every morning and take 5 to get rid of headache and just because I needed it to get through the morning), and the migraine and sickness went away pretty soon after.

I got to the point about 4 months ago where I thought about the serious damage I must be doing to my body by taking Syndol every day like this. I am engaged to be married and want to start a family in about 5 years, and knew that I needed to sort this addiction out.

I decided the best way to do it would be to taper off. I started off with limiting myself to 12 tablets a day. Every two weeks I cut back the dosage by half a tablet. I am currently down to 6 tablets a day, and feeling very positive that I will soon be off the drug for good.

During this time Syndol became unavailable at the chemists. I had a mild panic about this but thought it was also brilliant as this would really force me to stop taking it. I am now currently taking a measured dose of Solphadine Max tablets and Doxylamine succinate tablets (what is in syndol) as an alternative.

I am actually thinking now that I am down to just 6 tablets that I may even attempt to go cold turkey.

THIS IS A WARNING: Please stop taking anything with Codeine in it!! It is a seriously addictive drug. It may get rid of your headache/migraine temporarily, but it will then tell your body that you have another headache, then another, and another......until you convince yourself you suffer from constant migraines.

I recently discovered that I suffer from Menstrual Migraines and have found the best way to deal with these is to use Sumitriptan (or Immigran Recovery in the UK). You only need one to two tablets, it isn't addictive and it wipes away the migraine straight away! If you suffer from Migraines I suggest checking this out with your doctor as it is far less risky than becoming addicted to a pain killer with Codeine in it.

FarloRigel Wed 04-Apr-12 13:02:37

I really miss it too. It's the only thing that works on my headaches as well although thankfully I don't get those that often and I've always been very careful not to take them for more than three days in a row and then leave a big gap before I take them again as I'm well aware of the addictive properties. It's well worth warning people though Mermaid and I'm very sorry it has had such an effect on you.

Raele Wed 04-Apr-12 13:55:28

In Australia and New Zealnd it is called Mersyndol. It is still available if you know anyone out there to post to you. Or there is a company Kiwi Drugs (from NZ) that will send them. I have bought them and they are exactly the same (I used to use them when I lived in OZ). I didn't have to pay tax on them when they arrived. Expect to wait up to 3 weeks, but that is better than August/September. Hope this helps

wilmot Wed 04-Apr-12 14:06:36

very good post, good luck with finishing your taper. Have you found the 'codeinefreeme' website? Those folks are really good at advising re tapering etc.

daenerysstormborn Wed 04-Apr-12 14:25:54

blimey mermaid, that is a serious amount of syndol. i often worry about my mum with this as she takes it a lot. for me, 1 box of 30 will last ages, as i only take syndol at night as it makes me drowsy, and only take 1 tablet at a time. 5 together would put me in a coma i'm sure! luckily i don't get migraines as often as i used to, the mirena coil seems to have helped in that respect, but when i do, syndol is the only thing that works. not heard of imigran recovery, but last time i took imigran (which may be the same thing), it made my throat swell, and i had to rush back to the gp for an injection to stop the allergic reaction.

fwiw, i also have used boots own co-codamol, which in theory is the same as syndol, but i found them to be very different, can see why syndol in particular can become addictive. good luck mermaid in getting through this, and thank you for your honest post.

ScrambledSmegs Wed 04-Apr-12 14:42:51

Jeez, people abuse Syndol?! Wow, I find it's such effective stuff that I only ever needed to take one tablet at a time - two make me sleepy. mermaid I'm really sorry you've had addiction issues with it. I hope you've had some help to deal with it.

I have sumatriptan but actually I prefer to take Syndol, it seems to have a less debilitating effect on me. I know, most people don't get side effects with it. I do.

Just as an aside, for people who suffer with migraines related to their menstrual cycles like I do, since I've started taking large doses of Vitamin B6 (about 100mg) about 8 months ago I haven't had a single one. I used to get them every single month, like clockwork. I'm not promising it could work for you, but according to my GP it's quite well known that B vitamin deficiencies can cause migraines. Some people I know also swear by vitamin B12, omega 3, and evening primrose oil (which never did a bloody thing for me, but hey-ho).

Darling42 Thu 05-Apr-12 16:48:56

Ok Ladies, Went to my local pharmacy on Tuesday, told him of the sadness of the lack of the Syndol and the possible suggestions posted. Firstly, he says it could be June or September when they return with the correct licensing requirements for Syndol, (nothing to do with addiction etc) A new company has taken over the product (plus some other well brand brands) and have had to apply for the "Rights" to have the licence for the ingredients etc. Secondly, asked about the purchasing of Syndol from Zimseller, he said to be cautious that the tablets dont actually come in packs of 100`s and others have also posted that they are a different shape etc. I did get all the way to the pay pal part of the zimseller myself but after looking at the cost of £19.99 for the tablets,£9.99 for a small item,£10ish to send them then another £10ish to have them sent in three weeks instead of six i thought better of it. Now, with much research with the pharmacist we can re-create as good as damn it using Veganin(available from the pharmcy non prescription) and Kirkland Signature sleeping aid (available from Amazon non prescriptipn) The Veganin contains 500mg paracetamol 50mg more than syndol 8mg Codeine 2mg less than syndol and 30mg caffeine same as Syndol.The kirkland Signature comes in 25mg tablets so pharmacy said to have half a tablet or quater to give 12.5mg for more drowsy deeper sleep or 6mg giving only 1mg more than the 5mg in Syndol. The Kirkland Signature is the ingredient called Doxylamine that gives the sleep and drowsiness associated with the Syndol. I have invested in the new "kit" and have found the Kirkland are tiny blue tablets that are a little difficult to quater and therefore half a tablet is plenty. Have now used the "re-created" Syndol for extreme pre menstrual pain and it worked a treat! Will post further developments once the dreaded migraine kicks in!! Hope this helps others as it has for me!! smile

honestopinion Wed 25-Apr-12 17:22:59

still no luck buying syndol at the pharmacy, however, the pharmacist said to buy doxylamaine tablets and cut them into quarters which will give u the right dose and take with co codimol x2 that will be the same justno caffine, which is ok, just the muscle relaxation is what u need for migraine headaches. smile u van buy them from amazon for £8.02 per pack.

honestopinion Wed 25-Apr-12 17:35:13

thank u darling42 for yr update. hope yr headache gets beta soon. smile

MrSbRoWn78 Mon 30-Apr-12 17:48:14

blimey I thought I was the only person missing it! I've been to every pharmacy asking, it's the only tablet I could take for back problems or migraine and know i'd wake up (all be it 13hrs later) feeling free from pain! Tried imigran today for the first time as I got a migraine. Normally syndol and sleep are the only things that work for me, but the imigran has taken all symptoms without any sleepiness, but now I just need to find an alternative to the back problems, so will have to try that Kirkland stuff.

LoobyCarr Fri 11-May-12 11:46:48

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

joelizzie Tue 15-May-12 22:16:32

learnt at my local hospital/pain clinic that syndol will be available from 28th may. will take a while for supplys to make way to shelves. Had learnt couple months ago, although tescos saying taken off shelves, manufactors factory had suffered a fire. Boots confirmed this as they sell their own brand made by same company. Have been assured by harley street consultant as i have used for long time safe to continue to do so. Helped so much with nerve pain.

nanawithlotsofexperience Wed 16-May-12 13:17:08

Just been on the telephone to the company Reckitt Benckiser who are the new owners of the brand Syndol and I spoke to someone in their Healthcare Dept. Was told that the License has now been granted and that they are being manufactured again and should be on the shelves in a week or so.

JCHunny Sun 20-May-12 11:09:16

Have read all previous messages with interest. 1st used Syndol as it was recommended by friend for those bad hormonal migraine headaches that aren't touched by other tablets. It seems to be the only thing that works for so many of us. It's benefit compared to to other medications, is that it sends you to sleep, but when you wake up, the headache has gone. I have only ever needed to take 1 at a time & have done so as a last resort, but they have been invaluable. Lets' hope that the info coming thro about their return is correct.

juneybean Tue 22-May-12 19:11:20

Is it back yet? -twitches-

Mermaid81 Wed 23-May-12 20:48:30

I know some of you are saying that you only take one a night before you go to bed, so it's ok. BUT, just to warn you, that is exactly how my addiction started out! Your body will become reliant on it. Also, I used the excuse that I got headaches all the time.....the only reason I was getting headaches all the time was because when you take codeine and it starts to wear out, it gives you withdrawal headaches.

Since posting here the first time I have been doing really well. I am down to 4 tablets a day now. The tapering is working really well. I can't wait to be free of it for good.

Scrambled Smegs - I am going to try your suggestion of taking vitamin B6 supplements. I get migraines monthly like clockwork too, so this may help me.

Raele - Mersyndol is not quite the same. It is a weaker version of syndol. However, Mersyndol Night strength is exactly the same as syndol. But in Australia when you buy it over the counter, they make you fill out a form every time so they keep tabs of people who might be buying too much of it I guess.

joymk Thu 24-May-12 16:57:57

Just a quick update. I rang the manufacturers, Recketts, this morning when I was dismayed to discover I couldn't get my favourite headache tablets (which seem to cure more than just headaches - for me at least) The good news: there has been some positive movement on the licensing issue recently, it's resolved. The bad news: no date can be given when stocks will come back into the shops, it may be possibly weeks, hopefully not months, but it WILL happen. Also the name syndol will remain the same, so that will be easy.

haholic Sat 26-May-12 16:34:13

Im new to the site but found this through a search engine and have been reading the threads about syndol... i am a mum of an autistic, adhd 8 yr old and have an epileptic 4 yr old with special needs and suffer alot of tension headaches and migraines also bad headaches from the weather... i was devistated when i found out syndol had been with drawn as its all ive benn able to find that helps... after reading some posts on here and doing my own research ive found a way of getting the same results as syndol does and believe me it works as ive had a bad headache for almost 5 days and today i actually have relief... anyway if u buy boots own paracetamol and codiene or the brand paracodal and then get kirkland signatures sleep aid doxylamine succinate 25mg tablets (available on amazon)... technical side....
syndol contains;

paracodal and boots paracetamol and codeine contain;

half a doxylamine is 12.5mg
100ml of a caffeine drink = 30mg of caffeine

so what i did was take a paracodamol and half a doxylamine succinate and 100ml of a caffiene drink... what you are missing in codiene you get the little extra from the doxylamine succinate...

i promise it works xxxx i feel fab today my heads not pounding anymore...

redheadinthekitchen Sun 27-May-12 00:01:51



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