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Excessive sweating!

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SparkyMcSparrow Thu 08-Mar-12 22:01:25

Ok, embarrassing but here goes:

Basically I sweat, a ot. More so in the summer, but it tends to be all year round too, depending on the situation.

I get it mainly on my face and under my arms.

I have tried strong deodorants but I have quite sensitive skin and I find they bring me out in a rash. I'm using sure maximum protection at the moment which seems to help enough for me to be comfortable.

The main problem I have is on my face. I only have to be out in a slight heat doing nothing for it to start. Even the weather like it has been today it started. Stupid thing was that today I felt chilly but I still started to sweat. Also if I get nervous or even nothing at all. I'm sat here glistening now and I feel cold sad

I am relatively fit (in that I do a lot of walking day to day which I don't find difficult), I am about 2st overweight (which I am trying to lose), but I have had this problem since I can remember (about 12?) so I don't think its related. Could it be hormones?

Its a really embarrassing problem because it is on my face. Obviously its very noticeable. I just worry people look at me and think 'urgh sweaty cow' . sad

I dread the summer every year.

Is there anything I can do? Is it worth going to the doctors? If so what can they do? I have mentioned it before but it kind of got brushed away because it was hot.

Sorry for the long post, hoping someone has some advice!

topsi Fri 09-Mar-12 09:43:34

Botox is great!

ThatllDoPig Fri 09-Mar-12 09:45:50

Definately worth going to the docs. sorry I'm no help. It might be something hormonal that could be 'rebalanced'.
Or you could try a herbalist ?

ThatllDoPig Fri 09-Mar-12 09:47:18

The reason I'm thinking hormones it that I sweated so much when breastfeeding that I had to sleep on towels, and kept waking up just drenched. It was horrible.

SparkyMcSparrow Fri 09-Mar-12 10:28:40

Botox shock I'm 24 and would like to be able to move my face grin

I think I'm going to make a appointment at the Doc's, just don't want to get fobbed off sad

workshy Fri 09-Mar-12 10:35:12

you can get a roll on deoderant (they sell it in boots -think it'scalled driclor) and use it on your face

I had the same problem all through my teenage years until I had my second dc
you put it on your hands then rub it on your face at night then wash it off in the morning
everyday for the first week then you reduce it gradually to once a week

I was prescribed it due to excessive sweating on my hands and it was like a miracle cure

workshy Fri 09-Mar-12 10:36:21

it is driclor

topsi Sat 10-Mar-12 19:45:21

it can be used under the arms to stop sweating!

tanfastic Sat 10-Mar-12 19:52:57

I had keyhole surgery to sever the nerves in my chest which instantly stopped my hands from sweating. My hands would drip all year round. I couldn't do bugger all, even driving was a problem. The nerve they severed was the same nerve that controlled facial sweating and blushing I believe. I don't blush now either not that that was ever a problem before. I do get slight compensatory sweating on my back that I never got before but it's a very small price to pay for now having had dry hands for the last twelve years.

If all else fails I'd recommend a referral to a specialist. I tried all the roll ins but they weren't effective for me.

spanky2 Sat 10-Mar-12 19:56:56

Use an antihistamine cream before applying Driclor. I have sensitive skin and it burns like buggery! Use a very small amount of driclor and it should work. I sweat too. grin

Annabella5 Fri 12-Oct-12 01:26:09

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