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I just picked a BRIGHT RED LOUSE out of DD's hair! Ugh ugh ugh!!

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SleepyJess Mon 30-Jan-06 19:47:17

I take it this was because it had been sucking her blood (!) but I can't find anything about it on the net. It's body was actually red!! And it was big.. although clearly a head louse.. I am on only too familar with the appearance of the little buggers! There is a real outbreak going on at DD's school.. I do her head daily.. and every day she comes home with a few 'new' (to her!) adult lice and a few new eggs!

Am trying all the usual things.. I know the only answer is to keep pulling them out with a conditioner and comb.. but has anyone else encountered a RED one???!!!

SJ x

donnie Mon 30-Jan-06 19:53:45

have not yet had to deal with this buggerous problem but keep expecting it! apparently they hate lavender oil and also tea tree oil. If you rub a few drops into the hair at the end of a hairwash it apparently keeps them at bay ( I read this on mumsnet!)

MarsOnLife Mon 30-Jan-06 20:03:15

sadly yes! Don't sweat it. You merely got it mid meal.

WigWamBam Mon 30-Jan-06 20:04:43

That'll be the blood that it's been sucking ... nice, aren't they.

Spidermama Mon 30-Jan-06 20:06:49

OMG SJ. I'm also sadly very experienced in this field but have yet to encounter a red one.

poppiesinaline Mon 30-Jan-06 20:42:46

Red! Mid meal! Ewwwww.

SleepyJess Mon 30-Jan-06 20:53:42

Yes.. euurrgghh that's AWFUL! That blood belongs to my little DD!! Little f*ckers..!

I asked on another thread recently if anyone has had any success with those stunner combs but don't think anyone knew. Are they worth the money? I have tried all the aromatherapy-type treatments.. they seem to acclimatise.. littl shits!

HenniPenni Mon 30-Jan-06 21:09:21

Have tried the stun comb thingy....useless, also tried conditioner and combimg every 2/3 days ....for a fortnight......rubbish, although DD scratching-couldn't find the little sods.....tried lice attack from Boots.....fantastic!!!! found loads.

pucca Mon 30-Jan-06 21:11:00

I am dreading when my dd goes to school, i know it is very very common and all kids get them but <<<<shudder>>>>

SleepyJess Mon 30-Jan-06 21:12:14

What is LiceAttack from Boots HP? Is it a special comb?

HenniPenni Mon 30-Jan-06 21:14:20

SL liceattack is a thick solution that you massage in for 5mins and then leave for 15mins to work. I really can't believe how many we took off her afterwards

SPARKLER1 Mon 30-Jan-06 21:14:23

Yeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! DD1 has had lice a few times but not for a while <<touch wood>>>. DD2 not had them as yet.
Yep I remember seeing one really biggun' once. Not nice.

cod Mon 30-Jan-06 21:15:03

Message withdrawn

SleepyJess Mon 30-Jan-06 21:19:39

But HenniPenni I though chemicals were frowned upon now? I used to have a good success rate with chemcials on DS1 years ago before they were said to have harmful effects.. is this Boots stuff different then?

SPARKLER1 Mon 30-Jan-06 21:26:31


WigWamBam Mon 30-Jan-06 21:29:21

Lice Attack . Looks as if it's a better bet than chemical treatments.

HenniPenni Mon 30-Jan-06 21:30:09

It sayson the leaflet that it works in a non chemical way.

List of ingredients:

Coconut oil derivatives,
Filtered water,
triethanolamine and
disodium edta.

HenniPenni Mon 30-Jan-06 21:31:22

and her hair looks shiny but doesn't smell of coconut!

expatinscotland Mon 30-Jan-06 21:33:48

Gawd this is one mingin' f*cking country! Never heard of so many nits and lice in my life! You think this bloody f*cking Baltic air would have killed them all off!

chapsmum Mon 30-Jan-06 21:34:35


Spidermama Mon 30-Jan-06 21:34:36

I've had lice crawling out of Lice Attack serum woozy, but definitely alive.

SleepyJess Mon 30-Jan-06 21:42:53

I will get some even just to torture the little **s! (Can anyone believe I just used That Word, even in all asterisk form!!!)

SleepyJess Mon 30-Jan-06 21:43:24

Well it had 4 *s when I typed it!

SleepyJess Tue 31-Jan-06 10:57:46

Bugger me.. the Lice Attack was £12.50!! But I HAD to get it.. after the bloody one last night I need to take extreme measures! Will report back after use.

Thanks for the info..

SJ x

SleepyJess Tue 31-Jan-06 10:57:52

Bugger me.. the Lice Attack was £12.50!! But I HAD to get it.. after the bloody one last night I need to take extreme measures! Will report back after use.

Thanks for the info..

SJ x

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