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Both of us coughing

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Batters Thu 15-Nov-01 22:13:43

Every winter for years I have had a really bad cough which takes ages to go. It was a lot worse when my partner smoked (I am a non-smoker - one of the few healthy aspects about me!), I coughed more or less all year round, but since he gave up :) it has only happened in the winter. I have been to the doctor's and been given an inhaler, which did not work at all. Has anyone got any natural remedies that they could recommend me? Plus and more worringly, my little girl also seems very prone to coughs although she has never, ever been in the presence of smokers, our house is smoke free etc. She has coughed so much tonight that she has been sick twice already. NHS Direct say she could have an infection and I should take her to the doctor's which I will do, but I know she is going to get prescribed antibiotics whether she needs them or not. Aaah!! Can anyone offer any advice? Many thanks! Oh my god, I have just realised I have blown my cover, at the Xmas lunch I will be the non-smoker coughing my lungs up over the starter......

Robinw Fri 16-Nov-01 07:31:28

message withdrawn

Emmam Fri 16-Nov-01 09:09:58

Lavender oil is an anti-spasmodic - try a few drops on your pillow or night clothes before you go to sleep.

Hedgehog Fri 16-Nov-01 12:30:32

Try thyme essence, it works wonders.

What I have also found to work is those Nelson's teethas. One night, in desperation, I gave my 4 year old one and it worked wonders- he stopped coughing! As I had stacked up on them in a visit to the UK some years ago, I still have plenty and use them when the children are coughing.

Sounds crazy but it is worth a try.

Batters Fri 16-Nov-01 13:33:42

Thanks for all the suggestions. Robinw, we have a Dyson, so I assume our house is reasonably dust free (well, as dust free as it is ever going to get! :)). However we do have a lovely, long haired cat.......I used echinecha (sorry about spelling) and it is brilliant for colds etc, but seems to make no difference to my cough. I also use the kid's version for my daughter. I will try the lavender oil and thyme essence out. Hedgehog, your information about Nelsons Teethas has intrigued me, so I am going to try those as well!

Robinw Sat 17-Nov-01 08:24:47

message withdrawn

Batters Sat 17-Nov-01 18:15:17

Thanks for the tip re the Benylin, Robinw. Went to doc's today - got given the inevitable antibiotics :( which I am not going to give my daughter unless her cough gets worse (she seems to be getting better). Also got an inhaler for her with one of those big plastic contraptions, we have had a go with it already, so lets see waht happens. Also bought lavender oil, but can't yet find any thyme essence. Anyway, thanks for all the advice again, everyone.

Hedgehog Mon 19-Nov-01 09:45:26

Nelson's Teethas contain homeopathic chamomilla (camomile) which is a great calmant and completely harmless.

You should be able to get thyme essence (or thyme oil) in pharmacies which stock herbal remedies, it is wonderful for helping to ease breathing. Eucalyptus oil is also good for easing breathing.

What you can do is chop an onion very finely, put it in a cup and pour a spoonful of honey over it. Leave it for 12 hours and then sieve the bits of onion out of the mixture and then administer as cough syrup. It helps with mild coughs.

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