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Recovering from kidney infection - terrible thirst!

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EllenRipley Thu 23-Feb-12 15:43:51

Hi, I've read a few threads on folks' experience with kidney infection and just wondered if anyone knew if this was 'normal' or not! I got diagnosed on Sunday and have finished a three day course of trimethroprim (sp?). Pain has gone so they must have done something but today I feel terribly thirsty. I had the same kind of thirst a few weeks ago when the infection must have been rumbling away (but stupidly ignored it). Has anyone had the same symptoms, post-infection? I'm thinking it's just my kidneys recovering but concerned there is something else going on, like a problem with my kidneys or the infection is still there. Thanks!

Allycat Thu 23-Feb-12 18:15:33

I don't want to worry you but that is a symptom of diabetes. Please go to the docs and get yourself checked to rule it out. I thought I had a water infection and I had also been really thirsty on and off. Went to the docs and have been diagnosed with type 1. Please get checked as if it is you need know asap as lots of damage could be going on without you knowing. Good luck and hopefully will turn out to be nothing. Btw I am 39 and 9st so age and weight is irrelevant!

EllenRipley Thu 23-Feb-12 19:49:12

Hi Ally, thanks for that, I will get it checked out! I know thirst is a symptom of diabetes 1, I don't have any of the other symptoms but I will go back to my doc, need to get urine test results anyway. I know I've definitely had a kidney infection, so fingers crossed it's the lesser of two evils...

Allycat Thu 23-Feb-12 21:47:55

Good luck. I'm sure it'll turn out fine xxx

EllenRipley Thu 23-Feb-12 22:43:43

Thanks again Ally, should have said also (but was too busy thinking about myself grin ) sorry to hear about your diagnosis... hope you are keeping well with it though, I have a friend who was diagnosed young and she's fine, totally under control x

Allycat Fri 24-Feb-12 21:47:58

I only went to doc and found out on 5 Jan so very recent. Got to grips with it though and once you accept it mentally it doesnt seem half as scary, so if it does come back positive, dont freak too much!

EllenRipley Sat 25-Feb-12 20:43:09

Doc has taken bloods! No sugar in urine but I'm getting a full MOT. I'm the queen of freaking out so will take your advice! x

xkittyx Sat 25-Feb-12 22:51:31

Doc gave you a 3 day trimethoprim course for a kidney infection??? That would generally be first line treatment for an uncomplicated UTI that hadn't ascended. For kidneys, I'd have thought you'd get a week of Ciprofloxacin.

EllenRipley Thu 01-Mar-12 00:02:12

hi kitty, funny you should say that - when i went to the doc's after the antiBs the out of hours GP had given me had finished, she said the same thing though put me back on trimethoprim for five days. The urine sample I gave a day and half into the first course of antiBs came back clear (probably because I was already half way through the course by then but my GP wouldnt send off the original sample as i'd missed their deadline) and the dip test done by the GP that day was clear too. So I am hoping 8 days of trimethoprim has done the job... Unfortunately I also caught a stomach bug over the weekend so not exactly feeling back to normal! I take it you are in the know about antiBs and these matters, do you think I should consider getting another urine test?

xkittyx Sun 04-Mar-12 01:53:59

Sorry Ellen only saw your message now.
Urine tests are likely to come back clear for a little while (a few days at least) after being on antibiotics. If it hasn't shifted, you'd possibly feel the symptoms before anything showed in the urine so it's a tricky one.
Fingers crossed for you that has indeed shifted it - if it does come back it's best they put you on a different AB as the uncleared infection would be somewhat immune to the original antibiotic - Cipro might in fact be a bit heavy-duty if you're not terribly unwell though.

EllenRipley Tue 13-Mar-12 12:04:31

Thanks Kitty, so far so good, last urine test came back clear though it was done a couple of days after the first course of antiBs. I've since tested it myself with some dipsticks a doctor friend gave me and no sign of anything. Still feel a bit rough but i think the antiBs have run me down a bit too. Onwards and upwards! Cheers again.

Damien199 Wed 25-Dec-13 04:32:36


Just wondering how you go on Ellen?

rjarvis Tue 04-Nov-14 17:43:18

i have had 2 kidney infections now, one at 22 weeks and one now at 24 wks. i was given trimethoprim both times and both times they have cleared within a couple days.

But im so so worried about it causing preterm labour or if i am prone to them and might get another one. Has anyone else had more than 1 kidney infection? I just dont know what im doing wrong

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