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Premature Puberty

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nicm Tue 18-Nov-03 22:28:05

My friends daughter has premature puberty. Her dd is 8yo, is wearing a B cup bra, has pubic hair and hair underarms. her periods are due any time and was wondering if anyone had any experience of this. eg wondering where to find sanitary towels small enough for her to wear as still wears small pants. also has been bullied in school last year because of this and would appreciate any help or advice.

Thanks in advance

batey Wed 19-Nov-03 08:19:19

Have no experience of this myself but just Yahoo'd it and there was info on HTH.

nicm Wed 19-Nov-03 22:48:01

Hi Batey

Thanks for the website. if anyone has personal experience of this to deal with the emotional aspect (teenage temper tantrums @ 8yo, etc!!) please post as it would be greatly appreciated.


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