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Please help 5 week old with a cough/cold.....

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Xalla Fri 01-Feb-13 06:41:05

Never too early to take a 5 week old to the docs IMO! If you're worried about appearing over-anxious though, I'd call your HV first then she'll prob refer you on to the doc.

brightstars1 Thu 31-Jan-13 03:02:51

My 5 weeks old has developed a cough and is really bunged up. Reading this posts has scared me. He has only been like This 2 days. Is it to early to get him seen by a doctor?

dyzzidi Wed 25-Jan-06 21:55:05

My 2 year old nephew has been in hospital this week with a virus so I will take her to GP to be on the safe side. I just wanted to make her more comfortable poor little mite looks so confused every time she coughs or sneezes

foxinsocks Wed 25-Jan-06 21:50:41

it does get easier!

always best to get coughs checked when they are this small

also, don't panic if the GP thinks the chest might be dodgy and sends you to hospital (don't know how bad the cough is but just warning you in advance). I trooped into the GP with ds when he was 6 weeks with a cough and they sent me to hosp just to check his oxygen levels as he had bronchiolitis (a viral chest infection quite common in young children/babies).

I'm not trying to alarm you at all but I got into a real flap when they sent me so I'm trying to ease any worry in advance.

Nemo1977 Wed 25-Jan-06 21:46:36

dyzz have had the same with hannah and adam for the past week. Best I could do was to get saline drops which cleared her nose and to raise her bed etd, use the steaming in bathroom adn grin and bear it.
I didnt go to gp as I remember adam getting a cold quite young and was told there was nothing they could do.
Hannahs cold is just going now a week on although probably not helped by fact adam and I both had it too!!

dyzzidi Wed 25-Jan-06 21:35:29

Thank i will do the bed and shower thing now.

I will get the hang of things eventually.

expatinscotland Wed 25-Jan-06 21:34:23

Got a humidifier? If so, get it going. If not, wet some towels and put them on the radiators - if you've got GCH. Put some bowls of water about.

Head over to Superdrug and pick up something called 'Little Noses'. It's saline drops for newborns and babies.

Either put a rolled up towel under her mattress or put phone books under hte legs of one end of her cot to prop her up a bit.

The doctor will be able to tell how the cold is affecting her chest.

Been there, bought the tshirt.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Wed 25-Jan-06 21:31:46

great minds champsmum!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Wed 25-Jan-06 21:31:26

Go into bathroom and shut door, run shower on full heat and stay in there as long as possible.

The steam will help clear her a little bit.

Raise head end of cot or moses basket so she isnt sleeping flat.

Doc will give you saline drops for her nose to administer before feeds.... they do work if you keep using them.

Other than that - NOTHING! They are too young for medicines etc, so its grin and bear it. All my sympathy though, Rebecca is 13 weeks and has had 2 colds already in her short life - first one at 3 weeks old!

chapsmum Wed 25-Jan-06 21:30:36

She is too young for most medications. rolled up towel under her matress, to her head end is raised and steam inhales. run a bath and sit in a steamy bathroom with her. put damp towels on the radiator to make the air in her room moist etc

bramblina Wed 25-Jan-06 21:30:13

If your bathroom is quite cold, turn on the shower very hot and take her in (the room, not the shower), the steam will loosen her chest and hopefully relieve any bunged upness she may have. If her nose is really bad, lie her down, dip your finger in cool, boiled water, then just touch your finger below her nose so one drop will slowly run up her nostril. She may not like it too much but should help clear her a bit. HTH

dyzzidi Wed 25-Jan-06 21:27:42

Hi My DD is five weeks old today and is suffering from a cough/cold. I am going to take her to the Doctors tomorrow late afternoon but is there anything i can do for her in the meantime???

Is there anything i can give her???

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