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Help - Athlete's Foot in DD...remedies PLEASE!

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Finbar Fri 14-Nov-03 23:26:23

Poor DD (aged 5) has got athlete's foot. The GP has prescribed Lamisil cream - but it doesn't seem to be doing much and the skin looks so sore.

Do any of you out there have any ideas for other things I could be doing for her? having looked around the Internet things like Tea Tree oil are suggested, but I'd be very grateful for any experirences you have had. Thanks

saintshar Sat 15-Nov-03 00:11:33

I heard rubbing the inside of a banana skin helps. Dont know if this is true - but it wont do any harm i suppose!

robinw Sat 15-Nov-03 07:18:22

message withdrawn

Finbar Sat 15-Nov-03 07:51:34

Yes we're doing all the right things in terms of keeping the foot dry and clen - but I'm desperate fro something to even start help clearing it up! The skin is gettig cracked now and it looks really painful.

thanks everyone so far.

robinw Sat 15-Nov-03 08:05:18

message withdrawn

princesspeahead Sat 15-Nov-03 09:15:40

my dh had terrible athelete's foot, which only improved when he got off the cream and onto powder. Makes the whole area much dryer which is what is needed. Maybe this would work for your dd as well?

boyandgirl Sat 15-Nov-03 15:01:51

A very good way of treating athlete's foot is to pee on your feet. Sounds disgusting, I know, but it really does work well. I wouldn't encourage a 5yo to do that though (might give her the wrong sort of ideas!) but you could get her to pee in a pot and then use the urine, with or without her knowing what it is.

Finbar Sat 15-Nov-03 18:32:25

had heard about the peeing solution - but wanted to be sure I wasn't being wound up!! Might give it a this space!

gingernut Sat 15-Nov-03 19:51:39

Try Canestan AF cream or Daktarin, it will help stop the soreness quite quickly. If you have any ordinary Canestan cream you can use that - it's the same stuff. Make sure you keep using it for some time after the symptoms have cleared up (a week or 2). Your poor DD, althlete's foot can be quite painful. Personally I find the powders good for prevention but for cure I need the creams. I used to swear by Lamisil but it hasn't worked on my latest outbreak of athlete's foot - using Daktarin ATM.


suedonim Sat 15-Nov-03 20:11:31

All shoes/slippers etc need treating with powder regularly as the bug can survive in them and reinfect the foot. Hope he's better soon.

boyandgirl Sun 16-Nov-03 14:43:41

Is Canesten AF the same stuff as is prescribed for 'upstairs/downstairs' thrush?

gingernut Sun 16-Nov-03 15:44:53

Canesten AF cream is the same as ordinary Canesten Cream (1%). They have different names only because the former is licensed for `General Sale' (i.e. not just from a pharmacy) for the treatment of althete's foot only and the latter is licensed for the treatment of several conditions, including athlete's foot and thrush but through pharmacies only. See here .


Finbar Sun 30-Nov-03 20:52:09

hey boyandgirl...I tried the 'pee' solution by dabbing some on her less infected foot ( I won't go in to all the details here - too embarrassing!) and guess what - the infection has all but gone !!

The other foot is getting better but nowhere as well as the wee-wee foot!

boyandgirl Mon 01-Dec-03 16:00:09


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