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Rectocele & Repairs continued....

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CAZ1958 Fri 30-Dec-11 12:54:47

Rectocele & Repairs...continuation

Hiya Ladies...
Don't know if this will work, above is the Subject Title
Don't want to lose my friends.
Will come back with a link if poss !!!
Fingers crossed

Nannasylv Fri 30-Dec-11 13:34:09

Hi CAZ, I couldn't get it on the link, but found it in the list of current topics. Glad all's going well. I can't wait for someone, ANYONE, to identify this properly, but seeing that people like you actually got there gives me hope! I've got an MRI (lower back), on 5th Jan, and a Gynae surgeon appointment on 12th. I'm praying this get's to the bottom of it (forgive the pun)

CAZ1958 Fri 30-Dec-11 16:58:35

Hiya Nan...Great to see you made it here, fingers crossed the others do as well.
I can honestly say, apart from the obvious pain after the op, my back/leg pain has totally gone almost. It is such a relief, plus to be able to walk properly & not like a little old woman !!! The only time it plays up is if I overdo it/really tired but I am doing my upmost to avoid this as I think that I am doing pretty well, all things considered.
At least you haven't got long to wait now, lets hope that you get good docs & they sort it out ASAP. I will be watching out for you.
Hope that you had a lovely Christmas & a restful/painfree New Year.

flymttm Fri 30-Dec-11 21:44:05

Well done caz setting up this thread . I lurk on here sometimes because I have had lots of ops on my lady bits and like to keep in touch with other ladies going through these problems. Happy new year . Don't over do it.... Easier said than done. . Fly

Makatka Sat 31-Dec-11 11:44:04

Thanks for continuing this thread! And thank you for good advice. Im lucky my wonderful husband is proudly doing everything at home, carrying little one and keeping me resting. Well it will be different once he returns to work... I like the idea of putting all on the floor level especially that my baby is a good crawler.

I'm third day after the surgery. Now I see why no one understood what I'm complaining about straight after giving birth (7 months ago, and that was brutal ventouse that caused prolapse or rather they tore out my organs...). Right now I feel like NORMAL women after labour, while after my labour... Well, cannot even start describing.... My mum called my labour "a massacre". Enough said.

I cannot understand why dumb and stubborn gps don't support women to get help from specialist - i kept asking for app with gyno for 5 months (and once gyno saw me scheduled a surgery in 2 weeks!). I'm sure there are thousands of us, who are suffering in silence. I guess I would as well stay in my misery, but I couldn't even walk without pain. Oh and what about the after are? If they don't offer you a good aftercare there is high risk of reaccurence! I'm shocked reading about all troubles...

I already feel spectacular and I pray we all stay healthy for a long long time! Well, they have already told me that surely I will need an op again since I'm planning a second baby.

Keep well sisters! Happy New Year! Keep in touch!

cantbelieveimnotbetter Sat 31-Dec-11 14:50:54

found my way here too. This thread is too valuable to lapse. So pleased everyone is doing pretty well and Makatka-you can start to enjoy your life and motherhood. Some GPs are truly disgraceful.

I'm now 11 weeks post op and have had a terrible cough which has been very uncomfortable putting a strain on my pelvic floor and I feel I've taken a step back. It goes to show I think just how long this recovery is and we all feel better and overdue things. But I've had a good Christmas and enjoyed learning to do a bit less and others around me have been so helpful.
have a happy new year everyone and do your exercises!!x

jackie62 Sat 31-Dec-11 20:30:59

Wow! I made it here, for a moment there I thought i would never be able talk to you all ever again!
Thanks Caz for making it happen.
Lovely to hear you are feeling good Makatka, take it slowly now...
Happy New Year everybody!!! Xxx

cocolepew Sat 31-Dec-11 20:31:55

Hello again, I managed to read most of the last thread by borrowing DDs laptop. !Ineed my comfort. I'm so glad to read that most off you have come through your ops feeling better.

Im still waiting for my gynae appointment, I'm a bit concerned if I need an op how long it will take, I work in a special school and do a lot of lifting so am unable to work at the moment.

I didn't have a BM for 10 days, I didn't even feel like I needed to go iyswim? But felt really sick and headachey. I was going to phone for advice but drank a litre of grapefruit juice and 45 minutes of sitting on loo finally went. (I'm not easily embarassed btw smile.

Unfortunately for the last few days I have been leaking from my back passage.

I have also wet myself a few times without realising I am weeing until too late.

If I walk for more than half an hour I feel like someone is clinging onto my waist while I drag them along!

I had TVT and an abalaton 4 years ago, my abalation was for heavy periods and to ease pressure on varicose veins I have on my labia. These are playing me up again too sad.

Hope everyone has a happy and more comfortable new year!

Makatka Sun 01-Jan-12 13:55:43

4th day after the surgery for a massive cystocele. Felt unwell and went to A&E. Within last 12 hours my posterior wall prolapsed already to grade II. They said it was very unusual to have such a prolapse so rapidly.
So I'm back to the start, once I recover from this surgery will have another one.
I cannot stop crying... I'm just 35, I was just planning second baby ANC a honeymoon....

Footle Sun 01-Jan-12 16:24:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ArthurPewty Sun 01-Jan-12 16:29:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jackie62 Mon 02-Jan-12 00:24:17

Makatka, SO sorry to hear you are not well. Did they say what they are going to do about the repair? Keep strong, you have had a horrible experience with your first birth and it is now going to be a long journey back to health and to complete your family as planned. It must feel like the end of the world for you at the moment but try not to let it ruin these precious early days with your gorgeous baby, try and take each day one at a time. Make sure that you have a bit of quality time every day with your baby, and a little quality time on your own too to just lie down and listen to music or just relax, this is so important for your own well-being and healing. I know this might sound a bit lame considering how you are feeling at the moment...but please try not to panic, I know how you are feeling as I've been takes time, it takes up precious energy and it takes support from your wonderful husband and Mum. (Somehow, if you can find it in yourself, it also helps to try and forgive the medical staff who have let you down resulting in the injuries you sustained at birth and the horrible mess you are in right now. That feeling of being let down so badly eats up precious energy that you really need right now). Healing takes medical expertise, the right decisions made on your behalf at the right time by the right people, time, excellent nutrition and love and support.
Footle is right, we are all here to support you through your journey, please keep posting. This is the most supportive site out there and you are precious to us all.

jackie62 Mon 02-Jan-12 00:36:52

Hi leoniedelt, welcome.
Hopefully your surgeon can start to sort you out. The anal fissure is a blow isn't it? Have you tried 'rectogel'? It works, although I can't say I recommend it as I had horrible side effects ( detailed somewhere on the previous thread @ May 2011?)
Apparently it is all to do with bringing healing oxygen to the area as the anal sphincter muscles are very tight and don't have a good oxygen source. They are notoriously difficult to treat, I managed to get rid of mine eventually using the above, but was adamant that the surgeon was not going to operate up the back end ever again as once the damage is done it is so difficult to repair.I had my rectocele stitched or darned via the vagina, so far so good.

ArthurPewty Mon 02-Jan-12 09:08:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

soremumof2 Mon 02-Jan-12 16:40:15

Hi All
I'm 29 and having a posterior repair with slight anterior repair on 20th Jan. First noticed my prolpase in November and was referred by my GP to see a cons. I have 2 ds (9 and 4), labour with my youngest was extremely quick and cons thinks this may have contributed to the prolapse.

Really worried about the surgery and pain afterwards but will be glad to get back to normal as at the moment going to the loo is difficult to say the least and I have lower back pain, pain during sex and lots of pressure down below...nice!

Has anypne else had the posterior and anterioir done at the same time? Cons said he will only do a slight anterior on me so as to reduce the risk of sewing me up too tight and making sex difficult in the future...didnt think I would be going through this at 29, having 2 kids has really taken its toll on my nice to hear from anyone going through same thing.


CAZ1958 Mon 02-Jan-12 18:25:59

Hello Ladies....
A Huge Welecome to Old & New........

Words fail me Maka...I seriously hope that all is continuing to go well !!!
We have all got to listen/read to advice & do what our bodies tell us.
Dear Soremum...I am about 2 1/2 weeks-ish your probs plus pelvic floor re-construction. I am just uncomfortable now, still taking pain meds but have cut down on them. Get exhausted really quick.
Might have overdone it today as I felt Brill this morning.
Soz....gotta go, really don't feel well.


soremumof2 Mon 02-Jan-12 20:13:06

Hi Caz1958

Thanks for the response and sorry to hear you are not feeling well x Pelvic floor reconstruction sounds complex.

Not sure what to say to my boys when i go into hosp. the 9yo is very clued up so he will want more detail than just mom has a poorly tummy. my oh has the wk of my op off work as im guessing i will need help to get to the loo etc? am dreading going to the loo afterwards..

relaxingathome Mon 02-Jan-12 20:53:50

Hi all, I am seeing a consultant tomorrow about my large cystocele.
I also have stress incontinence.
How many of you were referred straight for surgery? I am worried I may be asked to wait for 6 months or so, but life is becoming more difficult as I cannot exercise and have constant dragging and abdo/ back pain.

Makatka Mon 02-Jan-12 22:37:13

Thank you all for your kind thoughts... It meant a lot to me. Hardly anyone can understand my pain, and I know you do. You really made me feel better, although still depressed...

Well maybe rather than crying I'll share some more positive experience.

Hi Relaxingarhome, don't worry about the waiting time - just make sure that you honestly explain how badly your condition affects your life. And tell consultant about incontinence - this is crucial in assessing how urgent case you are. My surgery was performed 2 weeks after consultation as i was so poorly.

Soremumof2 and girls pre-op: recovery hmmmm seems to vary. I was breastfeeding happily my baby day after the op. feel slightly tired, but who is not tired once you are a mum? I had really manageable pain after the surgery. When I think about the second surgery, I'm worried about not being able to lift things and clean my home, but pain and discomfort are minor. Going to the loo - very scary at first, not nice at all... But you will be given lactulose or something to make sure that you really do not need to engage any muscles to go.

Keep in touch,
Caz, Jackie, Footle - thank you. Your kind words are giving me strength.
I am trying to get back to see consultant before my 6 week app, as we already know that surgery didn't solve my problems.
I'll keep you posted.


cardamomginger Tue 03-Jan-12 11:06:08

Hi Everyone,
Have been an occasional poster and a lurker on this thread for a while now.
Makatka - I feel your pain so much. After I gave birth to DD 15 months ago I was left with a cystocele, rectocele, uterine prolapse, detached pelvic floor, scar tissue build up and damaged coccyx. It is horrendous and so many people don't understand the trauma and distress :-(
My stuff has to be done in two lots as it's too much to do in one go. I had my cystocele and uterine prolapse repaired 5 weeks ago. What I wanted to say is that since that repair, my rectocele (posterior wall prolapse) has got much much worse. I've had a check-up and my surgeon explained that when I had the cystocele and uterine prolapse repaired, it left lots of room in my vagina for the rear wall to collapse inwards. He says this is very common. This may be what's happened to you - if your cystocele was really big it was probably holding the rear wall in, and now that there's room in your vagina, the rear wall can do what it wanted to do all along which is to collapse inwards. I know it's really hard, but until you've seen your consultant I'd try and take what they docs in A&E said with a pinch of salt. It seems really really unlikely that you've suddenly developed a brand new prolapse. It seems more likely that your back wall was shot to hell anyway and it just didn't have the space to collapse until now. And to my mind if your cystocele was a big one, it seems quite unlikely that you wouldn't have at least some degree of rectocele as well. Did the surgeon say anything about your posterior wall prior to the surgery?
I'm so sorry. My heart just broke when I examined myself just before my check up and felt this huge bulge of tissue. I always knew I'd need a second round of surgery and I'm trying to be positive that if my rectocele has got so much worse, then it must mean that the cystocele has been repaired really well. I'm sorry sad.

PostBellumBugsy Tue 03-Jan-12 11:18:57

Knowledgeable MNers, I have a rectocele & am debating what to do about it. Any advice gratefully received.

As far as I (and the specialist) are aware the only problem I have is the rectocele. It is a problem in so much as I can only poo, if I push the posterior wall of my vagina out with my fingers. At the moment, this is manageable, however I can't help feeling that as I get older this may become increasingly awkward and I imagine as my muscle tone deteriorates with age, the rectocele will cause more problems.

I'm terrified of a repair though. How awful is the op? How long is the recovery? Can I drive afterwards? How likely is the op to be successful? Will I be able to have sex again? Could it possibily be made worse? If there were a panic stricken, terrified emoticon - I'd have used it!

Footle Tue 03-Jan-12 11:50:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cocolepew Tue 03-Jan-12 12:02:28

Morning everyone, hope everyone is well(er!) today.

I'm now'leaking' from my back passage, just when I thought it couldn't get worse!

I'm hoping I get an appointment through soon.

Keep strong and safe x

Makatka Tue 03-Jan-12 13:36:47

Dear Cardamom, you are so right. I surely couldn't just develop overnight a massive bulge. What you are saying makes all sense. Gives me hope too. Before op surgeon told me that my rectocele is just tiny so no worries there. Well, obviously a bit wrong assessment.

I'm so sorry hearing about another bulge you have! As you haven't suffered enough! I'm shocked how much damage your birth caused... I wish to say something clever and cheer you up, as you and other ladies did for me, but I'm lost in words hearing about that much pain...

Just stay in touch. X

Makatka Tue 03-Jan-12 13:39:07

Dear Cardamom, you are so right. I surely couldn't just develop overnight a massive bulge. What you are saying makes all sense. Gives me hope too. Before op surgeon told me that my rectocele is just tiny so no worries there. Well, obviously a bit wrong assessment.

I'm so sorry hearing about another bulge you have! As you haven't suffered enough! I'm shocked how much damage your birth caused... I wish to say something clever and cheer you up, as you and other ladies did for me, but I'm lost in words hearing about that much pain...

Just stay in touch. X

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