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Kaolin & Morphine medicine... Still available?

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maydaychild Mon 26-Dec-11 21:27:14

I grew up on the stuff.
I tried to buy some last week getting ready for winter vom type bugs. Couldn't get any in Lloyds
Anyone know if I can actually still buy this???

JingleBelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Dec-11 21:30:47

I got some in Boots but they asked how often I bought it... About once every five years!

maydaychild Mon 26-Dec-11 21:36:53

Was that very recently? My last bottle was prob about 8 monts ago, still has 6 months on

DH has just begun the feel sick saga and DS has had 10 loose nappies since lunch.... (not that he can have it grin)

Happydogsaddog Mon 26-Dec-11 21:40:07

Every pharmacy (my local lloyds does - bought it last week) sells it, just beware of just Kaolin (I was duped in Morrisons once)

Eve Mon 26-Dec-11 21:41:08

Oh yuk yuk , yukty yuk!!! My mother fed me this stuff, it's vile!

..but flippin good for upset tum!

Have tried a few times to get some but never found any locally.

fedup10 Mon 26-Dec-11 21:55:33

I brought children's kaolin in lloyds pharmacy the other week, the pharmacist did say to me that not many places sell kaolin and morphine anymore, just the kaolin.

JingleBelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Dec-11 22:00:56

I think it was last year. On the Boots website you can only order with a prescription but I think you can still buy it.

maydaychild Mon 26-Dec-11 22:02:55

Happy dog, check your bottle if you could... is it Kaolin with some random bicarb type product or actually does it have MORPHINE in it?
ruddy drug addicts

lloyds told me no chance....
and yes Eve, yucky yuk but very effective.

sheepgomeep Mon 26-Dec-11 23:19:25

My parents always used to have a bottle of this but I never understood what is it for?? Does it stop you being sick?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 27-Dec-11 13:48:46

MY DHs nan was addicted to it 20yrs ago, she used to get the neighbours to smuggle it in for her.

AllotmentFreak Tue 27-Dec-11 19:45:21

Went to a chemist once as I had severe stomach pain, got some Kaolin and Morphine and hoped I would feel better, not so - turned out I had appendicitis shock. Still think of that time whenever Kaolin and Morphine is mentioned.

maydaychild Tue 27-Dec-11 20:31:16

Dunno, makes me burp and stops stomach cramps

Trouble is, addicts siphone off the morphine bit instead of shaking it in!

Fairytightsonmychristmastree Tue 27-Dec-11 22:54:48

I remember having this as a child and the horrid chalky taste. I have to say though, it was very effective. Think its a shame its so hard to get hold of these days.

I would be interested to know if you can still buy it over the counter.

baubleybobbityhat Tue 27-Dec-11 23:00:35

Surely it just stops the squits? Morphine is extraordinarily constipating.

Get some immodium for your dh.

Although with a bug I would have thought its best to get it out of your system iykwim, rather than encouraging it to stay in there?

Tinselrella Tue 27-Dec-11 23:04:39

God, kaolin. I remember being mortified once when I was a teenager and I had to go to a chemist and buy 5kg of the stuff. I explained it was for my horse, but I don't think they believed me.

Sorry, have no idea if you can still buy it, but it brought back that memory!

gingeroots Thu 29-Dec-11 10:34:49

Yes ,you can still buy Kaolin and morphine .
I always get the Collis Brown one as Lloyds one was yuck .
Collis Brown has peppermint oil ,and some kind of morphine ,though whether it's the morphine that would be available to a morphine addict I doubt .
It's warming and soothing if you have the awful cramps you can have with stomach troubles .
Doesn't bung me up as much as immodium .
Though I find it slightly strange that on the bottle it says it's also for coughs .
Maybe it relaxes the muscles or something and makes the coughing less ?

delusionsofadequacy Sat 31-Dec-11 09:54:31

Morphine is a cough suppressant as well as a pain killer and anti-diarrhoeal, most pharmacies don't keep kaolin and morphine on the shelves as it has a tendency to be stolen due to its addictive nature. Some don't keep it at all as loperamide (immodium) is more effective and non addictive, so they don't feel that there is a need to if you see what i mean.

tinagee1234 Fri 07-Apr-17 15:33:01

I used to buy the original Kaolin and Morphine years ago for stomach etc when I last purchased it a couple of weeks ago it was disgusting I phoned the company up and said the ingredients had been changed they told me EU ruling said they had to take some ingredients out including chloroform it is now really vile to take
and the collins one is not much better wish the EU would stop meddling.
anyone know of anything similar with chloroform in?

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