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Can you give Benylin cough meds and Calpol at the same time?

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MarsLady Tue 10-Jan-06 08:11:58

Sleep deprived, mind blank me can't remember.

Also incapable of reading labels this morning. Not a lot of sleep happening in the Mars household.


MarsLady Tue 10-Jan-06 08:18:51

need to do school run, anyone have an answer for a sleep deprived wretch?

heavenis Tue 10-Jan-06 08:21:54

Yes you can give calpol along side of cough med.

MarsLady Tue 10-Jan-06 08:24:56

thank you! Brain in melt down today. Will give and then run to school.

Very grateful

Panther123 Mon 20-Jun-16 22:30:52

can you give a 10 month baby calpol few hours after having benylin?

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