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Can you give Benylin cough meds and Calpol at the same time?

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MarsLady Tue 10-Jan-06 08:11:58

Sleep deprived, mind blank me can't remember.

Also incapable of reading labels this morning. Not a lot of sleep happening in the Mars household.


MarsLady Tue 10-Jan-06 08:18:51

need to do school run, anyone have an answer for a sleep deprived wretch?

heavenis Tue 10-Jan-06 08:21:54

Yes you can give calpol along side of cough med.

MarsLady Tue 10-Jan-06 08:24:56

thank you! Brain in melt down today. Will give and then run to school.

Very grateful

Panther123 Mon 20-Jun-16 22:30:52

can you give a 10 month baby calpol few hours after having benylin?

MrsKLT2015 Mon 03-Apr-17 18:57:28

Hi there, I've only just joined today and would like some info please. My 8.5 month old has a cough so we've been giving her Benylin infant (only today!) but it didn't say whether calpol and nurofen are also safe to give her with this. The cough medicine doesn't say it has paracetamol in it but would like to check before giving her anything alongside the Benylin. Thank you in advance x

britnay Mon 03-Apr-17 20:18:38

Benylin Infact is just glycerol, so its fine to take with pain killers.

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