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Did a small fortune in health food shop

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ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 11:13:56

So after chatting to some of you girls about Lottie’s slow bowel(!) and month long cold I went to my health food shop and bought:

Manuka Honey
Eye q fish oils
lemongrass oil for burning
eucalyptus oil for burning
organic linseed seeds for crushing over cereal
organic sesame seeds
Udos choice omega oil blend

Not cheap! This was last Saturday and will have to be buying more Eye q very soon - at £9.99 a pop!

Beccarollo Thu 06-Nov-03 11:16:26

My DD (4) has trouble with her bowels sometimes (gets constipated) and we have all been struggling with a never ending cold - could you tell me a bit more about the different things and why they help - I fancy giving some of it a go - anything that will help!!

Janstar Thu 06-Nov-03 11:40:14

Thomcat, if you could be brave and drive up to St Albans market sometime, we have a health food stall and a herbalist's stall with excellent cut-price products. The herbalist is fantastic, she has prescribed several things for us and they have all worked.

It's only 10 minutes further than our meet-up was. The market is on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 11:48:19

Hiya - yeah no problem

Manuka Honey - what doesn't it do?!! Best thing here is to type Manuka honey into google and there are a lot of websites all about it. It has 'unique properties' and when I told the health food manager that Lottie is always constipated and has trouble with bowel movements and has a cold loads he reached straight for the stuff so I just took it. Like you - anything that would help.

Eye q fish oils - this is something unrelated to colds etc. Lots of people have been talking about these oils. This particular blend is fish oils & evening primrose oil which are vital in brain function. As she has DS again anything that my help her in the long run is good with me. Again a lot of websites dedicated to this if you wnt more in-depth info. Also a thread about it on Mumsnet.

Lemongrass and eucalyptus oil - used in oil burner in her room. Helps to kill bacteria in the air and also helps her breathing when she's blocked up. Also makes her room smell lovely!

Linseed seeds - really gross taste. I have the oil too. You have to crush them (can soak too but they go really slimey). This is great stuff if you can disguise it enough for them to actaully consume any! It clears you out basically bit is the foulest tasting thing on the market!! I crushed a teaspoon onto her cereal but then she refused to eat it! Will have to think of a plan b!

Echinacea - wonderful stuff. Keeps colds at bay - helps immune system. Can use from 2 years old. 3 drops in small amount of water of fruit juice 3 times a day. I'm giving it to her in a small amount of prune juice as she can taste it in the water. It's not very pleasant to taste (yet again with all this stuff!)

Udo's oil - is 3 omega oils and can be used on food, like pasta etc , although don't actaully heat it up - just put on food once cooked. Again this helps with bowel. I think you could just use olive oil but he said this was the best stuff and much better than olive oil so I believed him!!

Good luck!

oliveoil Thu 06-Nov-03 11:56:22

whadaya mean, better than olive oil ?

Very interesting stuff TC

ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 11:59:15

Thats so funny Oliveoil - as I was typing that I thought of you and chuckled to myself! How funny!

ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 12:06:43

Have a look atthis

ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 12:08:59


ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 12:10:43


This stuff looks great actually - just got to try and get all these things down her!!

ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 12:11:50

....and lastly hereis the manuka honey

boyandgirl Thu 06-Nov-03 15:02:09

ThomCat, how about baking your own bread (as if you didn't have enough to do already )? I've had seed bread with loads of different seeds in the dough, including linseeds and it tasted lovely. I think it was ordinary bread dough with sesame, poppy, sunflower and linseed added.

Has anything particular helped so far?

ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 15:08:17

Oh God - I'll be asking for an apron for Xmas next and start doing things like ironing!!!!!
Baking bread aye........ well it makes sense I suppose. But I'm only 32 and want to be going out clubbing not baking bread!
I'm only being silly - it's a very good idea and maybe I'll actually take you up on it and get baking sometime soon ????

It's a bit early to tell if it's all having an effect. She didn't cry TOO much last night when she went so lets hope so.

boyandgirl Thu 06-Nov-03 15:44:56

She'll probably be a bit upset about going for a while, even after things ease up.

If you're feeling really keen, you could get a breadmaker to do the baking while you're out clubbing.

ThomCat Thu 06-Nov-03 16:03:36

Yeah that's what I thought as well - about her going - not about getting a breadmaker!!

I think I might go for that though - homemade bread and something to help Lot bags - it's got to be a winner - so thanks mate

ThomCat Mon 10-Nov-03 17:57:04

boyandgirl - I just wanted you to know that i baked at the weekend!!!!!! I made her oat bran muffins that I crushed linseed seeds into!!!
Ummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! Actually she loved them!!!!
Anyway thought of you when I wasdoing it and thought i must tell you - next step bread aye!!

Hope you had a good weekend.
PS I also made her a spinach and baked bean pie! Can't decide if that makes me a good mother or just plain CRUEL!!!

Janstar Mon 10-Nov-03 18:47:22

Have you had any good, er, results yet?

boyandgirl Mon 10-Nov-03 20:04:41


How do you make a spincah and baked bean pie? Sounds...well, I'll reserve judgement! Actually, I love spinach (but I can't cook it, it tastes vile when I try to) and baked beans.

ThomCat Tue 11-Nov-03 10:34:40

Janstar - 2 results actually!!!!

boyandgirl - the pie was such a big hit -
not only with Lottie but also my childminders little boy ..
you make a white sauce or a cheese sacue (I made cheese)
wilt spinach - can use frozen for this no probs, just cook as instructions.
Mix spinach into sauce and lay in ovenproof dish.
Lay small tin of baked beans over that
Cover the whole thing in creamy soft mash
Put in over for 20 mins

I also made a tuna and crisp thing.......
Again make a white sauce
stir into tuna
saute some mushrooms in butter
stir mushrooms into tune & sauce
Add half a packet of crushed crisps ( I used the packet where you add you own salt - salt n shake - and didn't add the salt)
Stir it all up
Pour the other half packet of plain crisps onto top
Cook in over for 30 mins.

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