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amitriptyline and nightmares.

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OhYouBadBadkitten Thu 03-Nov-11 14:08:16

A couple of months ago I started low dose amitriptyline to help me with my arthritis at night and to generally improve my sleep pattern.

I'm getting lots more sleep but the nightmares are bizarre. Every night I seem to be clearing out blocked sewers and overflowing toilets and squishing rats with my bare hands. Not jobs I really want to tackle in my sleep. Last night I had to deal with a whole load of children who froze to the playground because we sent them out to play with temps of -78C hmm

Does anyone else get such bizarre dreams on their medication?

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Labradorlover Thu 03-Nov-11 18:02:53

I did for the first few months......particulary remember one where I was trying to deal with a reactor on a submarine, really realistic and scary. Settled down though and dealt with the nerve pain.

OhYouBadBadkitten Thu 03-Nov-11 19:22:59

Thats good to hear and I'm glad you saved the day on the sub (hopefully!)

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moaninlisa Thu 03-Nov-11 19:36:50

My dead uncle was grinning madly at me with ill fitting false teeth in and then my dcs were whipped out of a trainwindow by a gust of wind.

Stopped it soon after - was on it for migraine prophylaxis.

Years ago but still remember the horrible dreams

Labradorlover Thu 03-Nov-11 21:25:58

No I didn't save the day! Worst was that I knew I was dreaming and would really seem to struggle to get out of the dreams and wake up.
However, up to that point my sleep was so shite due to pain I felt I would see if the 'mares settled down. Which they did. But also have a pal who got sooo freaked she won't touch the stuff again.

BurningBridges Thu 03-Nov-11 22:47:05

That's really odd - when I took Amitryptline I had dreamless sleep, whereas before I suffered horrific nightmares all my life. I am hoping to go back on it now as I have various pains (long story) which mean I sleep very badly and ... have terrible nightmares! Interesting I hadn't realised it affected some people so badly.

OhYouBadBadkitten Fri 04-Nov-11 07:31:09

Strange how we all react so differently BB!
I do feel its worth it. I was barely functioning in the day time before I went on it, nights were so awful.
I hope you can find the relief you need BB sad

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herbietea Fri 04-Nov-11 13:24:38

Message withdrawn

OhYouBadBadkitten Fri 04-Nov-11 16:08:38

I'll have to ask dh if I've been keeping him awake with nocturnal natterings!

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AppleHEAD Sat 05-Nov-11 00:26:41

I took it once for back problems, a very very low dose and slept for 20 hours!

OhYouBadBadkitten Sat 05-Nov-11 07:32:22

blimey! It did make me quite dopey to start, but not to that extent!
More very vivid and horrible dreams last night. sigh.

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Charlamore Tue 02-Apr-19 07:29:32

I have been on 20mg at night for the last 3 months.. due to migraines .. i am having the worst most vivid lucid dreams its really messing me up they are mainly nightmares where my dogs got stabbed and has blood poorinf out of her and last night i dreamed i had like 100 monkeys to look after and it was great untill i put a baby one on some fair ride and it fell and banged its head was knocked out then they pulled a baby in a sack from it.. fucked up i no i also feel like i have a headace everynight why im dreaming and noticed alot of hair loss

BestIsWest Tue 02-Apr-19 18:26:17

I’m on 10 mg but can’t report any dreams at all.

Sosayi Mon 08-Apr-19 09:15:31

I took this when I hurt my back and couldn’t move I was also watching reruns of waking dead I was waking up in the middle of the night looking for people to kill .
It was really lucid and real I honestly thought there were zombies and crazy people in my house and that I was killing them
I woke up looking for a axe
My dog snoring on the stairs was a zombie in 😂😂

Cryalot2 Mon 08-Apr-19 09:23:50

Sorry you are having problems.
I have been on it for years. Had a dreadf night last night and realised I had forgotten to take .
Generally I have had few problems. At one stage I thought it was causing brain fog, but that could have been anything
For the foreseeable future I am on it long term. As Dr says it's one of the few I can tolerate
Hope things work out.

Charlamore Mon 08-Apr-19 09:49:00

I have come of them now someone told me they cost 7p to make my hair was falling out massivly wasnt sleeping properly had no energy to do anythimg was xancerling plans they aint nice i was still getting mirgrInes

Welshcountry Wed 10-Apr-19 07:17:48

Hello, I have been in Amy for 6 years for my general arthritis and Spondylolisthesis (metal rods and pins in my spine) it changed my life. Nightmares were bizarre to begin with but I slept so I put up with. 2 hours bouts of sleeping disturbed is better than non sleep at all. I now sleep 5 hours a night I move and wake but manage to go back. The visions are now totally different to dreams. I am awake usually just woken and I see a head or mask is a better word. No bodies it’s quite fascinating totally dark but floating somewhere in my eyeline is a mask that is never the same. It can be a skeleton, something quite grotesques or even something beautiful. A bit like carnival but or Punch and Judy. I know it’s not real and so I am not disturbed by it at all I just watch until well I’m asleep again I suppose.

wineandsunshine Wed 10-Apr-19 18:08:19

I've been on 35mg for migraine for over 8 months now.
The dreams do settle down, it's one of those medications that you need to try and work for you re timing if you want to wake up less groggy.
I take them around 6.30pm and I'm ready for bed latest 10pm!

florentina1 Wed 10-Apr-19 19:08:47

I agree with taking it early. I take it at 6 go to bed at 9.30 and wake around 6.30. I have less dreams or nightmares now that I have been on it for 2 months

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