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TVT operation...Yes or no ?

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karmaz Tue 01-Nov-11 00:23:12

I am due to see the consultant again this week. I am 48 and started leaking after the birth of my 3rd child and this became much worse after birth of my last child only 17 months later when I was 42. I have had the urodynamics test and that proved what I already knew that I have stress incontinence. Went through the same process a couple of years ago and decided against the operation then but things have got worse despite losing lots of weight and no end of pelvic floor exercises. I know that he will advise me to have the TVT operation done. I really don't know what to do . I have read up about it and the recovery time is much worse than I thought. Also the fact that there is not a general anaesthetic but a spinal block which scares the life out of me. Feel under a lot of pressure to have it done as I can't carry on the way I am but what else is there. There has been a lot of bad press about the procedure recently in the press. Has anyone got any good experiences about it ? Anyone wished they never had it done ? Can the tape be felt during sex ? Last appointment the consultant was full of praise for the operation and wouldn't have a bad word said about it. Anyone out there with any experiences to help me make a decision.

Footle Tue 01-Nov-11 11:10:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bug40 Thu 10-Nov-11 18:41:07

I had the TVT operation about 8-10 weeks ago. I was thinking it had been a complete success - and was so happy - but have just started back at the gym and found out I'm back to square one as regards running ....
Has anyone else had that experience? I so want the operation to be successful and will be gutted if it isn't.

MissingMySleep Tue 29-Nov-11 19:45:56

hi there, there is a massive thread here, lots of people (incl me) who have had it and lots of blow by blow details

only read if you are happy with TMI...!

MissingMySleep Tue 29-Nov-11 19:46:54

mine has been mostly succesful, I am glad its done but the recovery cannot be underestimated

Melady Wed 24-Oct-12 19:00:11

Hi Ladies,
I'm new to mums net. I'm 44 and not a new mother but have been suffering from e same problems as you girls for years. I have 3 kids -all9.5lbs+ and born with their backs to mine so probably not surprising I have problems.

I finally spoke to my urologist (see him for a separate unrelated problem with kidney) and he sent me to urodynamics and then referred for TOT procedure.

Saw the registrar and she says I ned TVT as they don't offer TOT at my local hospital. I heard that TOT is less likely to have complications??

She also mentioned that I have a 'bulge' at the back and that they'd look under general anaesthetic.

She told me about the TVT op but didn't cover the bulge and now I'm wondering what she meant and what it will mean for my recovery.

I'm self employed and can't take much time off. I work mainly sat at my of and was told i should be ok aft 1 week, now I'm wondering after reading the threads.

I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.

Thanks girls
Mel x

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