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Alkaline diet for psoriasis

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popgoestheweezel Sun 30-Oct-11 08:12:23

just started an alkaline diet alongside cutting out nightshade veg in an effort to rid myself of psoriasis. I've had it since I was about 8 (now 37) so it's been with me quite a while smile
has anyone got any experience of alkaline diets in general or in relation to psoriasis?
I've looked around at lists of alkaline foods and there seems to be quite a bit of variation. Can anyone recommend a good list anywhere?

MindtheGappp Sun 30-Oct-11 09:09:51

I am skeptical.

Anything you eat goes into your stomach which has a pH of 1. Alkaline foods will soon be neutralised.

CrystalTits Sun 30-Oct-11 09:14:50

Pop, do you find that nightshade veg makes your skin flare up? I also have psoriasis (only in a couple of patches, but persistent) and it's so unpredictable - I can't work out what makes it worse. Just interested in your decision on an alkaline diet. Hope someone comes along with some info and that it works for you.

popgoestheweezel Sun 30-Oct-11 11:03:53

Well, I am sceptical too but after nearly 30 years of this I'm prepared to try anything that won't hurt me and I don't think giving up tomatoes for a few months will do me much harm smile
I have never found any pattern to my psoriasis flare ups, just gets a little worse in cold weather. That said I have always loved tomatoes and probably would eat them everyday prior to this diet so it perhaps wouldn't show up in those circumstances.
I have made loads of lifestyle tweaks over the years (omega 3 def made a difference) which have made a big difference and although I now can control the redness and scaling to a large degree the area affected is still growing.
The patches on my face are particularly bothering me as one minute patch appeared two years ago, they have slowly but steadily grown to be above both eyes, about the size of 3 50p pieces.

MindtheGappp Sun 30-Oct-11 13:25:11

Have you considered laser treatment?

popgoestheweezel Sun 30-Oct-11 21:20:47

Not really considered laser as apparently if successful it just puts the psoriasis into remission for 3-12 mths. Mine is also very widespread (over the full length of both arms and legs, plus patches on face, scalp and ears) so not so easy to treat as a small patch.

Also, I actually do have mine in what doctors would class as remission so i'm probably not suitable for treatment.

I would be happy to accept that I have very red, dry skin on my arms and legs (it's not raised or scaly therefore in remission) but as the patches on my face are growing, and very red and very dry (and impossible to cover with makeup- just looks worse) I'm hopeful that I can make more adjustments to my lifestyle and get rid of it permanently.


campocaro Sun 30-Oct-11 21:34:41

I had psoriasis really badly for many years-I used this bookand now just have a few outbreaks which I can control through diet and relaxation. It has lists of food and drink to avoid. It's quite a long procss -O stuck to the diet for over a year. Good luck

popgoestheweezel Mon 31-Oct-11 11:12:33

That is the book I am doing! So glad to hear it worked for you.
I just wanted a more comprehensive list of the ph of different foods. He says to cut back on beans/legumes which I usually eat quite a lot of. I wanted to find the least acidic ones that I could eat on a limited basis. I've tried a few of his recipes but I'm not to impressed by the results and just wanted to see a full list of alkaline (and less acidic foods) to make sure I don't inadvertantly stray into acid territory.

DadDude Tue 01-Apr-14 22:15:19


Popgoestheweezal - did you stick with the diet and did it work?

Do you have it on your face still as I know of a good treatment.

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