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anyone had anal advancement flap?

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YearofPain Tue 25-Oct-11 20:49:16

Yeah I know, just the name of thread should warn you that this might be TMI...

I have had anal fissures for several years, mostly they would pop up and then go away after a week or so. However, I have had two since Christmas last year, they have never really healed. They cause a lot of pain and misery. Before I got them, I was planning to try and conceive (no kids yet) and I thought it would be a case of quickly sorting the problem out so I could go ahead.

Ten months later, I've tried all the treatments, and had botox injection 6 weeks ago. I had a check up yesterday and the doctor didn't think it looked good and suggested I would need advancement flap surgery, they would see me again in six weeks. I'm trying to go to my next appointment armed with as much info as possible, as they do tend to hurry you in and out (central London hospital, very busy I guess).

Has anyone had this surgery? I know I can ask the doc questions, but they do tend to be very vague/ cautious about describing pain levels and healing times etc. I know everyone is differnet but I'd really like to know anything anyone can tell me... like how long it took to recover (how long off work, how long in bed) how painful it is and is the pain all day long or just after a bowel movement? Also, if anyone had a vaginal birth after this surgery how it went? I guess I would have a C-section if I had to, but I'd like to avoid it...


madeupstuff Tue 25-Oct-11 21:15:35

Bumping for YoP - had bum abscess then developed a sinus for well over a year before some successful surgery that seems to have fixed everything.

My own experience isn't specific enough to be able to comment properly (and I'm male) on this - only that there really wasn't all that much pain (to the extent that I didn't need to take any of the lovely painkillers that they let me have) although I suspect that the original abscess killed all the nerves in the area.

and great thread title btw. worked for me.

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