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Cyst: Pain when I walk

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girlsrus Tue 25-Oct-11 19:51:03

I am currently waiting for a hysteroscopy and laporoscopy. I have my pre op last week so just waiting for a date. I am havingf a polyp removed and suspected endometriosis. Since earlier this year I have been experiencing pelic pain especially on my right side with periods only lasting a few days. I know polyps usually give you heavy periods but they said I also have a narrowed cervix. So until I have the procedures done I am not sure what is happening. I am so fed up with my gp surgery and as soon as this is sorted I am going to go somewhere else. I had to basically argue with my gp's to make them take ne seriously and scan me. They kept saying I was pregnant and then I had gallstones which I knew I had neither. I am ovualting at the moment and yesterday I noticed I had quit alot of pain during the day and thought it must be ovulation pains. I also kept coming over all dizzy. Today the pain was getting worse and got to the point that everytime I took a step forward with my right foot I was in agony. Even though my gp was on the road none of the gp's would have a look at me because they were full. So I had to go a&e. A go there thinks I have a cyst and said that I had to go back to my gp and ask to have a scan tomorrow or the next day to confirm its a cyst then they will bring my operation closer because they can drain the cyst during the laporoscopy. So I came home, called gp and she sounded irritated??? She said the doctor "obviously" does not know anything because he is asking for me to be referred to an early pregnancy unit for a scan and she can not do that and I need to be referred to the normal scan unit which can take weeks, last time it took me 8mths to be seen. She then said again, "you are probably pregnant and having an ectopic pregnancy". If that was the case I would be giving birth next month as this pain started in April and if I was having an ectopic my last period was 12 days ago and I would not have any symptoms yet. I know there is always a chance of pregnancy but why do my gp's find it so hard to listen to their patients or other doctors. The last time I passed them info from the hospital tehy chose to ignore it. I then called back and asked for her to call me because i wanted to her to understand the hospital gp obviously wants me to be seen asap so recommended i be seen at the early pregnancy unit but my go never called back... i feel so down about all of this and sick of having to push my gp's all the time. I am in pain and will probably have my op before the scan, my op can take two months so I will have to go around like this? I have three children and work part time! Has anyone else had a cyst that hurt like this and did it only bother you around ovualtion?

girlsrus Tue 25-Oct-11 19:53:32

sorry should read 8 weeks to be seen not months, excuse bad typing!

girlsrus Tue 25-Oct-11 22:35:12


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