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vomiting/nausea/headache/now the shakes - diagnose me?!

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GrizzlyMacDuff Sun 23-Oct-11 17:38:57

On thurs i threw up after dinner. No other family member did. I thought it was me pigging out on a bit of 3 day old tiramisu followed by too much dauphinoise potato tbh. Threw up every single morsel in my body, no shivers or fever, left with headache but not sick.

Next morning, no brekky, had coffee, stayed down, felt headachey but not sick. Lunch came up, no prior warning other than 10 mins of nausea followed by upchucking every single little bit of food again. Followed by headache and sore muscles, all evening. Ate pasta for tea, kept that down.

Headache all night. No sickness.

Saturday morning, toast, couple of mouthfuls of porridge, headache almost gone, felt ok, but some pins and needles in my hand, face, foot on and off all day. Lunch came up, felt rough all evening.

Thought - migraine. Not the usual pattern a migraine follows for me, i get them rarely, once a year perhaps but not like this, however, seems to fit, and not a bug/food poisoning.

Today, feel feverish for the first time, but no fever, have a funny taste in my mouth, feel sick but not sick, stinking headache.

I also have a lump behind hear, which hurts to touch (gland I presume). And weirdly, very weirdly, have had a milk leaky breast (fed DS til 8 months ago or so, never had a leak before, only a tiny bit mind you). Might, or might not be nothing to do with it all.

So, now I am not sure what is wrong! could be a virus? Not pg as have contraceptive implant in, but symptoms remind me v much of being pg.

Ideas? Should I go to GP or ride it out?

GrizzlyMacDuff Sun 23-Oct-11 17:56:24

just thrown up again. <sigh>.

thirtysomething Sun 23-Oct-11 19:49:43

Sounds like some sort of weird bug or a migraine but I really have no idea, sorry. Could be something very minor that will pass or something that needs investigating. Those symptoms must point to hundreds of possible complaints....I think you need medical advice. Call NHS direct? Or go to nearest Walk-in centre? Are you on your own or do you have someone there with you?

GrizzlyMacDuff Sun 23-Oct-11 20:03:08

thirtysomething I am not so ill I need to go to walk in i don't think. I have had a chat with DH, as the symptoms are so like being pg it is unreal, its like a phantom pregnancy, really weird (same symptoms as with my other children). Even smell is off now. Agreed I will go get it checked out with gp tomorrow.

I was hoping someone would come and say 'oh you got the same symptoms as me, I have a virus/something...' but you are right, could be anything couldn't it. But not pregnancy grin

GrizzlyMacDuff Sun 23-Oct-11 21:40:38

geez. nothing to throw up, so been lying here in bed feeling the acid building up in stomach, absolute killer headache, followed by eventual prolonged hurling of said acid <bleurgh>. Can't even take any tablets for the headache as worried they are going to come up again. I can't bear the taste of half melted medicine on the way back (had hg through pg so this happened more than once!)

And. mouth now tastes of veggie sausage that I had for late breakfast that I thought had been digested. I am suspecting that half digested sausage might be on the move shock why else would I be able to taste it some 10 hours after eating it? That will hurt !

I feel awful, neuseaus (sp) and sore belly sad, maybe just a long lasting bug that has weird symptoms and the breastmilk thing might be pure coincidence.

thirtysomething Sun 23-Oct-11 23:06:28

Sounds horrible, poor you sad. If it wasn't for the breast milk I would def think tummy bug of some sort. Are you allergic to anything? Some of those symptoms sound like dairy or wheat intolerance though it would be odd for them to come on so suddenly. If you are not better tomorrow would def be worth visit to GP. A call to NHS direct tonight might be worth it as you have an odd collection of sore is your belly? I always consider appendicitis as a 1% chance with those kind of symptoms, or something like a big ovarian cyst? DOn't want to worry you but as you've had a fever it's worth thinking what else it could be.

Hope you feel better v. soon x

GrizzlyMacDuff Mon 24-Oct-11 11:06:19

hey, thanks for your post. Not appendix as had that out when i was a child.

Vomitted horrendously last night, held down one slice of toast this morning but felt very sick all morning, went to work (had a lot to do, half term so did not want to dump on the ghostship left to cover my essentials), and threw up after 1 hour of being there. Managed to change all my appts so felt less like I was dumping my colleagues in it, and have come home to bed.

Sickness has gone from the food not staying down and just coming out again to actual acid sick.

My stomach hurts because of the acid, and on one side there is a slight nagging/pulling feeling front/back, but that may well be a pulled muscle.

Receptionist at work said there was a lot of sickness around flu/vomiting, different symptoms but lots off work, so perhaps it is a bug and the milk is just coincidental.

I am off work tomorrow anyway (planned) so I will go to gp in the morning, can't get an appt for today now unless emergency, not an emergency, just horrid.

hiddenhome Mon 24-Oct-11 22:01:57

Are you sure you're not pregnant?

pregnant whilst have implant

curiouselle Mon 24-Oct-11 22:09:56

gasterenteritis is going around! My entire family has had it, vomiting, weak, shakes, headaches... the virus causing it is causing havoc in schools - so apart from the milk thing I would say it was that!

hiddenhome Mon 24-Oct-11 22:15:56

I think the milk thing is a bit suspicious.

You need to POAS.

GrizzlyMacduff Tue 25-Oct-11 20:21:16

hiddenhome shock shock shock OMFG! I have not read that. And now I am very, very worried. I have the implanon implant. And the symptoms I have are so very like pg symptoms it is unreal. DH and I have been having a bit of a chat about it on the basis it would NOT be possible as no recorded cases last time i looked - before that report!

curioselle I so hope it is just (not implying that gastroentietis is not serious) a bug. I was horrendously sick again today, this morning. But not since. However on the plus side, no more leaks.

hiddenhome what is 'poas'?

GrizzlyMacduff Tue 25-Oct-11 20:23:42

<aaaaaaagh> sigh. Not so worried now. Not implanon, that was last time before DS. Now I have the new one, Nexplanon, so this is less likely now... but I will do a pg to rule it out. Still, how scary is that!

GrizzlyMacduff Tue 25-Oct-11 20:24:24

Oh! pee on a stick!

hiddenhome Wed 26-Oct-11 13:44:53

How are you doing now GrizzlyMacduff?

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