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PeachyPossum Sat 22-Oct-11 15:18:07


I'm curious if any of you have HLA-B27? I have crohns and currently have issues with inflammation in my hands and feet and severe discomort in my lower back, especially at night. I'm scared to start more tests as I am still having test after test for the crohns to establish where it is (I have terminal illietus but they think it is also in my stomach) and the whole process is emotionally draining, I'm not sure I can deal with more sad

I wondered what it feels like, how the test is done and what treatments people have. There is very little online for this.


PeachyPossum Sat 22-Oct-11 15:19:29

One of my consultants suggested this, sorry, I haven't just plucked it from the air grin

idotry Sat 22-Oct-11 16:24:05

Sorry to hear you feel so bad. I also have the HLA b27 gene which was diagnosed during a bout of iritis. I also have discomfort in my back but find also my knees, soles of feet and the whole of my leg area REALLY ache too. The rheumatologist thinks I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is also linked to this HLA B27.

PeachyPossum Sat 22-Oct-11 16:47:05

TBH I'm more healthy at the mo than I have been in a long time grin maybe why I am noticing the hands and feet.

Sorry to hear you are also going through it sad it is the soles of my feet that ache (sort of, but in a throbby tingley way) and the joint on my big toes. How did you get diagnosed? Is it a blood test?

I really didn't think anyone would know what I was talking about! Thank you for answering.

Have they told you what they will do if it is spondylitis? They just pitched me a memory that my dad has that. hmm

idotry Sat 22-Oct-11 22:36:00

Hi again. The HLA B27 gene was diagnosed through a blood test following the iritis (infalammmation of the eye area) and from there I was referred to a rheumatologist who then went on to diagnose the spondylitis. She mentioned this condition is more mild in women and recommended me to take neurofen - if symptoms were to worsen which they have been recently she then suggested a perscription for anti inflammmotories.
Go backing to the feet, I can only describe it as a feeling of walking on pebbles with no shoes on and the knees feel really inflammed - fatigue is also an additional symptom. Keep forgetting up 35 and not 85 years old. sad

shitmagnet Sun 23-Oct-11 06:00:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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