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Breastfeeding mum worried about changes in breasts

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DevonshireDaisy Fri 21-Oct-11 15:20:02

Hi everyone,

I am writing because Im worried! -I noticed some changes to my right breast today. There appears to be sagging and dimpling to the top of my right breast. I have just moved house and haven't registered with my new Dr yet (I will do first thing Monday and go and see him asap). In the meantime I dont know if im worrying for no reason as Im still breastfeeding (my baby is 9 months old) I have a few stretchmarks on both boobs and im not sure if the sagging and dimpling is just because Im not feeding as much and linked to how my boobs increased in size during my pregnancy and breastfeeding.... my left breast is much fuller and doesn't have the same sagging look etc. However, my baby tends to prefer to feed from the left so I put this down to it being the main source of his milk now, although he hardly feeds now as he eats 3 meals of solids and drinks liquids from a cup.... I dont know! As I said I will get checked out but I just wonder if Im worrying for nothing~???? PS Im only 28 and have no family history of cancer.

Has anyone else noticed these changes when coming to the end of breast feeding or anything else that may just put my mind at ease till I see my new GP?

Thanks in advance xx

madam1mim Fri 21-Oct-11 19:54:11

Hi there,
I would highly recommend the nct breastfeeding line: 0300 330 0771. They are open til 10pm and know far more than your GP is likely to know about any breastfeeding issues. I found them really helpful and reassuring when I've had any worries regarding feeding my 7month old. They may even put you in touch with your local breastfeeding counsellor who might be able to come and visit. plus it's free!

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