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zara206y Fri 21-Oct-11 12:56:11

Ok again ladies i am on her for advice (have other threads). Will keep it short..Have got Graves Disease amongst other issues..had RAI treatment in Aug. Hair loss is immense...all over floor etc when i shower i have to unblock the plug when i have washed my hair. Also my scalp itches like crap...looks like i have nits (i havent - i checked). But what can i do? My scalp is going red from itchin. I decided to have my waist length hair cut off in Aug as i couldnt cope with it all over the floor - its now shoulder length. Hate itching! Any ideas what i can do?

Timetochange70 Sat 22-Oct-11 00:27:03

I had similar about 4 years ago.Went hyper for a while and hair loss itchy scalp and I too have waist length hair. I ended up having 2 days off work as I just couldn't stop crying one morning brushing my hair and watching huge long strands fall to the ground.
firstly get you bloods checked ASAP you may need a medication review.
You may have had a storm a few months ago and your hair is coming out now but will thicken up again again in a few weeks.

I researched everything and what worked best for me was gently washing my hair daily in t gel shampoo.
Then used a good conditioner and serum called mores an oil.
I read somewhere about rubbing pure coconut oil into scalp and can't remember if I did it or. Ot but it's great for my nails now !
The T Gel tho was fAb and my bf bought me a decent air brush also.
oogle. Thyroid forums there's a really good one. Used to go on for support .
hope you feel better soon x

Timetochange70 Sat 22-Oct-11 00:27:59

sorry that's Morracan oil

zara206y Sat 22-Oct-11 11:00:24

Thanks for that advice...My last bloods were showing that my TSH was very low, the Endocrinologist said that its not kicked into working yet as it was only aug when i had the RAI. I have another BT booking in next thursday so will see what is happening then. I am on NO medications at the moment. I did pick up that T Gel yesterday in Boots and put it back and ended up buying shampoo made by 'Simple', as thought maybe i have had a reaction to the one i was using. Although i know it isnt as my hair started thinning out ages ago. Anyway did buy some stuff called Perfectail? Vitamins i think lol does hair,nails and skin -apparently! But i will try the T Gel tho.

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