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Colds & Flu - all too often

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Beaverfeaver Fri 21-Oct-11 12:00:11

In the last few years I haven't really suffered from colds much.

But this year I have suffered really badly, getting them easily every 2 months or so, and they are so bad and flu like that it usually results in a day or two off work.

My DP is starting to say that I should go to the doctors as he doesnt think it is normal for someone to get them as often as me or suffer with them as much as I do.

I try and think what causes them - my office has about 11 people in it. Hardly anyone takes time off when they have a cold and 99% of the time there is someone coughing, sneezing, spluttering all over the place.

Could I be catching them from work?

The only other thing I can think that has changed, is my contraception. I was no Marvelon for a few years (the years I didn't get ill) and changed over to Femodene in the last year. Could it be this that has reduced my imunity? (It has also made me put on a dress size, but thats another matter)
I have just gone back onto Marvelon this month, so if it is that, I am hoping that I will be sorted soon.

I eat well, lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and juices.
My partner doesnt often come down with colds when I have them.

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