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borderline vitmain b 12 definciant anyone else?

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STIGZ Thu 20-Oct-11 08:54:14

Hi had a blood test a couple of months ago as i amfeeling extremly tired all the time and never feel refreshed after a full nights sleep.

The doc said i was borderline vitmain b12 deficiant, got a repeat blood test to see if my stomach is actually absorbing this vitmain and get results next week.

I keep thining that there must be something sinister going on because i had a baby 18 months and my iron levels and everthing have always been fine even throughout my pregnancy.

Just wondered if anyone else has this deficincey and what caused it?

thank you

magso Thu 20-Oct-11 09:43:50

I had trouble with low B12 after my stomach reacted badly to medication. it was not considered severe or longterm enough to treat. HAve you had A tummy problem or sickness? Vit b12 injections can be given if needed or it can be taken in sublingual ( dissolved under the Tongue) tablets.

STIGZ Thu 20-Oct-11 10:48:55

i ended up with stomach bug on holiday in july, didnt take any medictaion maybe it has something to with this? i am constantly bloated and suffer with horrendous trapped wind, i also change from bouts of diorreah and constipation due to ibs so maybe it could be to do with either of these two things?

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