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Why is swab taking so long?

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mangopudding Mon 17-Oct-11 17:59:30

A vaginal swab was taken last Monday for thrush and bacterial infections. GP said results would be back by Friday but I called the surgery today and they said results still not back yet. Why is it taking so long? I get really anixous waiting for results.

PureBloodMuggle Mon 17-Oct-11 20:58:06

Busy lab?

I got one a while back - took over a week to get the results

shellmc Wed 19-Oct-11 08:47:26

I work in Pathology reception.
The hospital where i work, most Vaginal swabs now get sent on to a different hospital as our labs only test certain ones now. We recieve all samples from GP's then these are all sorted and distributed to correct labs for analysis, samples that are then needing sent away ie:different hospital then need to be packaged up, and get sent out that afternoon. If this is the case with your local hospital this could be the hold up.

We have a time on ours that if getting tested in our labs, 24 hours in nothing shows- and 48 hours if anything grows. With swabs we send away 7-10 days (cover packaging, transport, recieving and testing, and then for result to be reported back to surgery)

Hope this helps x

mangopudding Wed 19-Oct-11 17:49:14


Shellmc, if the samples grow bacteria, will they be tested to see which antibiotics they will be responding to? Or do the doctors decide which type of antibiotics to prescribe?

mangopudding Thu 20-Oct-11 17:07:07

Anyone knows?

shellmc Fri 21-Oct-11 09:40:43

If anything grows then depending on what shows up will determine as to what antibiotics will be needed. Your gp will recieve the result and normally make the decision, as different antibiotics can treat a wide range of fungal and bacterial infections. good luck x

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