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When did you have your first period after your first child was born?

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happyspider Tue 28-Oct-03 16:05:36

Just that, and also, does it matter if you are breastfeeding or not?

fio2 Tue 28-Oct-03 16:06:16

5 weeks after with both;(

dinosaur Tue 28-Oct-03 16:06:40

About five months later (I was still bf-ing, but had cut down quite a lot cos was back at work).

Hughsie Tue 28-Oct-03 16:07:13

With ds1 at 8 months - exactly a month after a stopped bfeeding and ds2 at 6 months about 3 weeks after I stopped feeding him myself. Some of my friends got them even when they were still feeding though.

coppertop Tue 28-Oct-03 16:16:50

Exactly 6wks 1 day both times, even though I bf both times. Not fair!

Bozza Tue 28-Oct-03 16:18:46

About 4 months. Cut down to mixed feeding and then about two weeks later....

Fio2 still had last lochia at that point.

tinyfeet Tue 28-Oct-03 16:20:04

Exactly 1 day after I stopped breastfeeding which was when DD was 9 months old.

bluecow Tue 28-Oct-03 16:25:32

5 months. Was breast and bottle feeding.

elliott Tue 28-Oct-03 16:34:47

6 weeks (I got 2 weeks respite after lochia stopped...) and was bf.

mears Tue 28-Oct-03 16:58:36

Same here Elliot. Soonest 6 weeks. Longest I got was 4 months despite exclusive feeding.

morocco Tue 28-Oct-03 17:52:29

6 months and I was breastfeeding - neve got another one as I got pregnant soon afterwards - glutten for punishment!

ninja Tue 28-Oct-03 17:54:28

5 months and still exclusively bf

suedonim Tue 28-Oct-03 18:08:41

5mths even though I only bfed for first three weeks.

Chas27 Tue 28-Oct-03 18:14:26

Sooner than I would have liked! Exclusive b/f and had a bleed around 3 months

futurity Tue 28-Oct-03 18:15:08

10 months I think after I stopped feeding. They were very eratic as well due to being on the mini pill.

futurity Tue 28-Oct-03 18:15:54

oops..should read when ds was 10 months..a month after finishing bf

codswallop Tue 28-Oct-03 18:17:00

I wonder if I will get one at all becaue I have had my mirena in for 5 months and have only just stopped bf....

alibubbles Tue 28-Oct-03 18:17:38

I didn't, I just got pregnant again 3 months after DD was born!

LIZS Tue 28-Oct-03 19:10:25

5/6 weeks both times then around 8 weeks and with ds(1st) not again until 5 months - both breast fed. Still get bleeeding with Mirena almost 2 years on so guess I'm in the unlucky 2/3 - varies from just brown spotting to light flow for up to 5 days so better than without.

codswallop Tue 28-Oct-03 19:12:11

thats reassuring

bobthebaby Tue 28-Oct-03 19:17:13

8 month old ds and still waiting. Breastfed.

Demented Tue 28-Oct-03 19:18:29

Between 5 and 6 months with both of them, DS1 mixed fed from 5 weeks then bottles from 16 weeks, DS2 b/fed to 16 months.

motherinferior Tue 28-Oct-03 20:06:27

Two weeks exactly from after I went over to mixed feeding when dd1 was 4 months old.

I always used to claim I had clockwork cycle, but dd1 is proof that I haven't

happyspider Tue 28-Oct-03 22:51:40

ds is 4 months now and was wondering as I keep getting that feeling that the period is there, but then when I check nothing's happened yet. Not that I miss it, just wondering how long to wait and have heard different stories, and your testimonials just reinforces this: everybody's different.

susanmt Wed 29-Oct-03 12:09:36

10 weeks, fully breastfed. Apparantly if you are at all overweight the fat converts to oestrogen and that can make your periods come back.
2nd time had mirena put in at 8 weeks and had no periods at all! Then got pg as mirena had slipped and the obstetrician couldn't get it at all "When was your last period ??" (asking in April 2003). Me : "April 2001" I think his mind was boggling at the longet pregnancy ever!

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