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cholesterol lowering foods ALMONDS

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paisleyII Sun 16-Oct-11 16:45:50

does anyone know if they DEFINATELY are good for (attempting to) lower cholesterol. i keeping being told and reading that they are superb at this however i just bought some from m&s (unsalted) and the packaging says 4.4g per 100g which i thought was really high, would appreciate anyones views, thanks alot

scarevola Mon 17-Oct-11 08:35:20

There is no single dietary magic bullet for cholesterol - especially as there is no linear/predictable relationship between amount of cholesterol you eat and the amount in your blood.

The best advice is to exceed the 5-a-day guideline for fruit and veg, and to eat a good variety including nuts and seeds. So almonds would be a good step towards this.

Katisha Mon 17-Oct-11 08:40:22

Oatbran is generally regarded to be efective here. Stir a few teaspoons into a yoghurt twice a day or have porridge with extra oatmeal in. You can get it in Tesco.

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