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ear infections and migraine,connection?

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l4k Sun 16-Oct-11 12:35:08

Hello, this is a bit long and complicated so apologies in advance.
Firstly, I suffer from mainly hormonal migraines so wasn't suprised when one started nearly 3 weeks ago on day 2 of cycle.Felt very ill and close to adrenal crisis(I am steroid dependant from pituitary problem)so took extra steroids and managed to keep them down.Three days later,still felt ill so went to gp who diagnosed severe ear infection in both ears.Had antibiotics and started to feel better but then last week started feeling weak again with increased ear pain.Saw different gp who said ears still red but improving.
Yesterday,I had another migraine which is around mid of my cycle(not usual for me) and my right side head,ear,cheekbone and neck all hurt.
Just seen out ofhour person who said ears still a little red,more so on left,but would rather me see my own gp tomorrow.
If you read through this crappy,boring story then well done and if you have any advice I would welcome it cos I'm sick to death of feeling ill.
dh patience and worn thin and the kids are fed up with being told to keep quiet.

l4k Mon 17-Oct-11 21:22:21

seen gp and still got infections-now got ear drops.
still feel rubbish. and yes apparently they can be connected.

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