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Migraines and triptans

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bigfatgypsy Sat 15-Oct-11 08:49:49

I suffer from hormonal migraines and last month went to the dr who gave me sumutriptan (sp) to try.

They seemed ok at first, got a migraine mid-cycle and it eased it within an hr. Since then I've had another few days end-of-cycle migraines and the pack of 6 tablets has gone already. The other day it was so bad that I took two - the migraine did subside for a few hours after the first one but came back even worse and the second tablet had no effect.

I'm going back to the dr on tues to see if there's anything else I can try. Any ideas what she'll suggest, a different triptan? I'm a bit concerned about the cost as I only got 6 in the prescription and at this rate I'll be getting through them all every month or more.

rubyslippers Sat 15-Oct-11 08:55:26

I use these And yes the number of tabs per prescription is low

I am also on a low dose of amytriptaline which seems to be helping but has taken around 3 weeks to kick in

Hate migraines - you have my sympathies

bigfatgypsy Sat 15-Oct-11 09:01:16

Do you take the amytriptaline as a preventative (every day?) or to treat?

rubyslippers Sat 15-Oct-11 09:07:21

Yes I take the amytriptaline every day
10 mg tabs

bigfatgypsy Sat 15-Oct-11 12:23:11

My dr mentioned beta-blockers last time as a prevention, but I'm not sure if I like the idea of them. Saying that the migraines are becoming fairly debilitating so I need to take some action.

Does anyone know much about the different triptans? Is it worth trying another of those first for treatment?

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