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Arrggh, the pain! Diagnose me, please.

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TreeHouses Sat 15-Oct-11 06:09:46

I have a doctors appointment booked for next week, but I'm not sure I can last til then.
A month ago I hurt my arm (pulled a muscle I think).. It has taken much longer than expected to improve. I still can't really grip with it.
Now I am getting really painful pins and needles in that arm. To the point where last night the pain woke me up every couple of hours.
During the day my arm just feels tingly and the fingers a little numb.

Any diagnoses?

FanjoForTheMuahahammaries Sat 15-Oct-11 07:30:22

Trapped nerve I think.

I have whiplash in neck and get the same thing, it's from the muscles spasming and gripping the nerve.

Lying on it will make it worse.

I find heat helps -heat pads but some prefer ice. Decent painkillers - codeine, ibuprofen before you get stronger ones from GP which will help at night.

Physio will also be needed.

ihatethecold Sat 15-Oct-11 14:16:56

i pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder in august.

after nearly 3 weeks of taking prescribed painkillers nothing would help. so the gp sent me to the physio. took about a week before the appt happened.

the physio asked me loads of quaestions about tingling and pins and needles.
he was brilliant, really sorted out the problem..
get yourself to one. you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner!!!

TreeHouses Sun 16-Oct-11 19:40:35

Thanks, will try and tough it out!

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