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Suspected PCOS :/, What has been your longest cycle??

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shellmc Fri 14-Oct-11 21:05:42

Hi, saw endocrinologist 2weeks ago, and had bloods taken, and prescribed cream for facial hair. She is suspecting i have PCOS, due to facial hair, irregular periods and prev LH FSH levels (altho LH FSH levels wernt taken on day 1-5) due to irregular periods.
Last few cycles have been 43 days, 45 days and currently on day 60!!!
Has anyone else had a cycle this long before, im getting bad cramps/pains as tho im going to start but nothing!!.

GrimmaTheNome Fri 14-Oct-11 21:13:33

Oh, in the dim and distant past before I was on the pill (I didn't know I had PCOS, wasn't diagnosed till ttc) but could go for months - can't remember exactly but 60 days would have been on the short side!

doughnutty Fri 14-Oct-11 21:22:01

Went for 78 days once. Although next one was more than a year after. I had DS in between smile.

I was never properly diagnosed with PCOS (although I was convinced) but was due to go back to the ob/gyn when I found out I was pregnant. I was sent away from the first appointment and told to lose weight. I lost nearly 5 stone. We'd been ttc for 2 years.

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