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Can someone who knows about cervical polyps/biopsies explain this please?

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margerykemp Thu 13-Oct-11 22:28:32

My Mum has just told me that when she was having her smear test they found a 'polyp' which she now needs to have a biopsy done on.

I'm a bit confused. I thought polyps were harmless and went away of their own accord. Is it maybe that there is a lump which is probably a polyp but they are checking if it is maybe cancerous?

I didn't want to ask her to much. She is a smoker in he late 50s-does this put her at high or low risk of this being something serious? She also said it had been 6 years since her last smear (she hadn't realised it had been that long).

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Thu 13-Oct-11 23:23:37

Polyps are usually ok, it is good practice to get them checked out though, so the practice are doing the right thing. A very small percentage can have pre-cancerous or cancerous changes but it is very small so please try not to worry.

zara206y Fri 14-Oct-11 09:59:32

I had a G/A and a D & C on Monday, they had found a Polyp that was causing me to bleed for a month. Its been removed and sent for analysis - to check if its a good or bad polyp! I am slightly worried but at least its being checked.

margerykemp Fri 14-Oct-11 10:33:02

Ok, as far as I know she hadn't had any symptoms, she was totally unaware of any problem until the smear.

lazymumofteenagesons Fri 14-Oct-11 18:10:23

I had one that was there for years. Every time I had a smear they took cells from the polyp and tested to make sure benign. Eventually, when I had another procedure they removed it at the same time and tested it again. Have they taken cells from it while doing the smear?

ameliagrey Sat 15-Oct-11 11:39:20

They will just be checking. Polyps can be benign or they might be cancerous- that is why they are checking.

However, smoking does increase the risk of developing cervical cancer- that's pretty well established. The recall rate for smears for women your mums age is every 5 years, so 6 years is a bit over that but not terrible.

I am mid 50s and have a smear privately every 2 years- younger women are offered it every3 years onthe NHS.

IMO I am hapier paying £50 or so to have one done more often just to be sure.

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