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Back/Hip is locks up painfully.

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Yuraye Wed 12-Oct-11 02:30:44

I had a very severe case of SPD in my pregnancy, during the last 5-6 weeks of pregnancy I was in a wheelchair to get around out of the house, and after I gave birth I still suffered very badly from it up until about three weeks had passed.

However, I have a problem in that I cannot lie on my back at all, my lower back or my hips - I can't tell which, will lock up after a minute or two and I will be in immense pain, having to push through it until I successfully roll onto my side. I also have the same problem when I try to lie on my stomach and any kind of pressure is applied to my lower back/hips. I don't know why it's happening, but it really is starting to bother me.

A little TMI, but it's a little over two months after the birth and it's still very painful. Pretty much the only position my partner and I can use is on my hands and knees, due to the above dilemma, and it's becoming a little depressing that it's affecting my sleep, comfort, and sex life.

I wondered if anyone had any advice, or ideas on why this is happening?

AuntieDoris Wed 12-Oct-11 02:41:00

I get pretty bad back pain and both my back and hips lock up. I have found seeing chiropractor very helpful.

louisea Wed 12-Oct-11 21:40:25

By the time DD was born my pelvis was completely locked. I saw an Osteopath who helped immensely. Unfortunately I slipped a disk a few years later. Again, an Osteopath worked wonders.

jade80 Wed 12-Oct-11 21:46:56

Had similar problem. Went to doctor who told me to do nothing for 4 weeks then come back if I still could barely walk hmm like that's practical!

So I said bollocks to that, I'd like my life back, found a chiropracter, £45 a session. After one session much better, after 3 back to normal. In the first session I warned her I couldn't lie on my back comfortably, she ended up having to practically pick me back up. I even cried it hurt that much just to try and sit up!

I was dubious it would work but it definitely did. She manipulated me, used a ultrasoundy thing and did acupuncture. I don't know which bit made the difference but it really helped. I went to the first session walking uncomfortably and having trouble getting into a car, much easier when I left and even better the next day.

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