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Pain weeks after catheter removal Help!!

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extrachristmaspresent Tue 11-Oct-11 23:24:01

has anyone had this??? Where they put the bladder catheter in when I had my epidural - quite a simple procedure but three weeks afterwards I'm still in a lot of pain I'm worried my urethra has been damaged please tell me it will get better I'm really upset? Went to doctors to test for urine infection, she says it doesn't seem infected and didn't offer any other explanation - its so painful and can't imagine ever being able to have sex again - sorry - tmi - please help!!! X

zen1 Wed 12-Oct-11 22:33:09

I had this after my first DC 8 years ago. I had a catheter when I had the epidural, and of course you don't feel it go in because of the pain killers, but I remember being in pain for several weeks (might even have been a few months) afterwards and feeling that I would never not be in pain again. I never went to the Drs cos I didn't want to be examined, but I mentioned it to my health visitor, who suggested taking Arnica and adding a few drops of lavendar oil (mixed with a little bit of milk) into the bathwater. I thought this was rubbish at the time, but I remember that the pain did eventually subside and a lavendar oil bath is nice.

I do feel for you though because it is horrible to be in pain when you have a new baby to look after. I found it quite depressing. However, with me the pain did eventually go and I went on to have another 2 DCs, so please don't think you will always be in pain. Maybe you could ask your GP for a gynae referral and they can just check everything has healed ok.

Good luck

extrachristmaspresent Thu 13-Oct-11 09:37:00

Thanks x I might do that if it doesn't get better - in the meantime I'll get some arnica

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