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Has anyone else had/got PND but not felt "down"?

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beakysmum Tue 11-Oct-11 20:00:21

I have been diagnosed with PND for the third time. I have three DC (6,3 and 12months) and had PND each time, but slightly differently.

This time my brain goes into overload and freezes about 3pm every day. Bad if I'm at home, but worse if I'm at work to the point I think I may have to stop working for a while. I'm also having trouble sleeping and feel very irritable. Thing is, I don't feel "down" as such. I am enjoying work (2.5 days per week) though its stressful, kids are OK. We have the usual life stresses.

Maybe it's not PND at all? Anyone else had this?

beakysmum Wed 12-Oct-11 12:49:37


Rogers1 Wed 12-Oct-11 17:41:01

I would get a second opinion...I saw a HV who said I was boarder-line but when I saw GP she explained that it was natural due to the meds (for DUB) I was on & the stresses of a new baby, home, work etc.
If you have suffered differently everytime... this may just be another different symptom. I hope you get some answers.

beakysmum Wed 12-Oct-11 20:58:35

Thank you. I think I will get a second opinion if I can.

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