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Anyone know about back pain? Owwwwww!

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Shakey1500 Tue 11-Oct-11 12:21:45

Yesterday as I was lifting ds into the bath he wobbled a bit and I stretched a bit to steady him. As I moved away owwwwww! Intense pain in my back, not spine area, more to the side. It was painful all evening and as I went to bed I had shooting pains down the front of my leg, all the way down to my foot.

I have osteo arthritis in my hips that flares up now and then so already have a stash of Naproxen, so took two of those but didn't sleep very well. It's still hurting today but I'm not immobile. I've a heat patch on and taken more tablets.

Question is (and yes, I WILL go to the GP's if it persists smile ) should I be resting it or keeping it moving? Anyone else had this or offer advice?

Thanks smile

orangeflutie Tue 11-Oct-11 13:05:23

I've injured my back in the past and had to take painkillers for quite some time. When I eventually had some physio on it, the physiotherapist said to me it was best to keep mobile and take painkillers. However I shouldn't do any lifting. Difficult to avoid if you have small DC though! I had some manipulation and ultrasound treatment but was given exercises to do aswell. These were mainly to help build up my core strength which would then protect my back from further damage.

You're obviously intending to go the doctors if it persists so at the moment you're doing all the right things. When and if you do see the doctor it would be good to get a referral for some physio. This will help speed up your recovery.

lolaflores Tue 11-Oct-11 16:42:44

Are you me? Have osteo arthritis in my lumbar bits. Awful night last night, have been trying to walk and keep mobile. Try to do the phsio exercises, it bloody hurts and I am about as much fun to be around as a pack of really nasty baboons. I have gone out and bought heat patch today funny you should mention it. I also have a tens machine which can lift the grinding boredom of it all. So it alleviates things for a bit. What is Naproxen please? My physio said keep mobile, take a pain killer before exercises, but don't go mad. If the pain is down your leg do go easy though till that eases up.

Shakey1500 Tue 11-Oct-11 19:18:30

It's an anti inflammatory pain relief tablet. I got perscribed them with the arthritis to use as and when needed. And I haven't had a physio appointment for months excersise wise as I've had a "good spell". I do tons of walking day to day to try and keep supple but this felt more like I'd "ruptured" something you know?

Still hurting today though the shooting pains down my leg have ceases thank goodness. Heat pads and hot bath seemed to have helped.

Hope your pain eases sad

Thank you both.

ZombiesAtYourCervix Tue 11-Oct-11 19:21:59

1. ice
2. regular anti-inflams and pain killers. REGULARLY!
3. keep moving if you can.
4. GP if not better in a day or so.
5. Ostepath and/or chiropractor and/or physio.

GreenPartridge Tue 18-Oct-11 11:51:41

Definitely keep moving. Counter-intuitive as it is you are unlikely to damage your back more even if it hurts to move. If you want some exercises to do go to

MovingGal Tue 18-Oct-11 12:14:29

I had leg/hip pain for years and was told that it was arthritis but about two years ago I bent down to try some shoes on and felt a twinge when I stood back up. It got worse and worse and I was in agony by the end of the day.

The doctor sent me for a scan (eventually!) which showed a bulging disc. It was pressing on the nerve which runs around and down the front of the leg. It made sense of the pain I had suffered on and off for years since I had always had my doubts about my arthritis diagnosis.

I opted for physio along with some much stronger pain killers for a few days.
The physio exercises involved bending back the wrong way to allow room in the spine to encourage the disc back into place, laying on my stomach on the floor to let gravity help, and laying flat on the floor with legs elevated to generally help elongate the spine. Also had to avoid sitting and remember that "running is not my friend"- gentle walking was ok (but could not do it at first)

I think a scan and proper diagnosis is crucial.
I only had to have three or four sessions with the physio. She advised heat packs across lower back and bum to ease pain and relax muscles. It was good to have Dr and physio explain the mechanics of what was happening and makes me aware now of how my back is feeling and what, other than short daily exercises, I can do if I start to feel a niggle.

Hope this looong answer helps! I feel your pain!

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