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Can adults get 'nappy rash' ? (embarrassed)

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NappyRash Tue 20-Dec-05 21:17:14

Ive changed my name for obvious reasons

How to phrase this...

I think i may have a form of adult nappy rash - can adults get this?

Between the creases or my legs and other bits (very low down but above the perinuim) is red and sore.

This is so embarassing even to type..

Things have seemed a little more 'damp' lately - not wee though.

It hurts! How can i make it go away?

Btw - the first person to call me a troll is a hairy arsed truck driver!

followthestarlover Tue 20-Dec-05 21:18:17

yes i would imagine so! especially if you have been wetter than normal!
try sudocreme?

Pixiefish Tue 20-Dec-05 21:18:31

I used to get a rash from sanitary towels- something to do with the bleach in them years ago i think. I used sudocrem and it cleared up

daisy1999 Tue 20-Dec-05 21:20:13

is it not more likely to be thrush?

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Tue 20-Dec-05 21:20:23

I can't say I have had exactly the same thing, but I have definitely had soreness "down there" and sudocrem works a dream!

NotQuiteCockney Tue 20-Dec-05 21:20:27

It's easy to get chafing in that area.

Vaseline helps.

So does making sure all relevant areas get a good amount of air. (Same thing works for nappy rash in babies!)

blondehelen Tue 20-Dec-05 21:21:18

Yes adults can get 'nappy rash' but generally only when incontinant. More than likely thrush. Try canesten cream sparingly. HTH

WigWamBam Tue 20-Dec-05 21:21:31

It could be intertrigo (scroll down a bit) - which can be caused or aggravated by thrush, but is generally caused by skin rubbing together in damp conditions.

bsg Tue 20-Dec-05 21:21:52

Maybe your knickers are irritating you or are you wearing very fitted clothes (jeans). What do you mean damp? Am i being thick. Do you mean you are sweating or discharge? You don't have to answer that.

bauble99 Tue 20-Dec-05 21:22:01

Troll! Go and eat a Yorkie Bar.

Mr Bubble has had this and it's not a good look.

Canesten Cream may help, but probably best to try Sudocrem etc. beforehand.

NappyRash Tue 20-Dec-05 21:23:19

Its not itchy just sore (and i think thrush is itchy?) and its not inside, just around the folds of skin on both sides outside.

I asked dh to have look earlier and see if it looked sore, he said "oh is this a new seduction techniche?" - men!!

Could this be because my immune system is comprimised atm - so the doctor says anyway.

NappyRash Tue 20-Dec-05 21:25:47

Just damper - like when you are turned on (although i definatly havent been turned on lately )

I didnt know i could get this embarrassed sitting behind a comouter screen

I would try sudo cream but my ds smeared the tub we had all over the bathroom recently, and we have no vasaline either!

WigWamBam Tue 20-Dec-05 21:26:25

Do you have any Canesten?

bauble99 Tue 20-Dec-05 21:27:05

If it's not thrushy, Sudocrem it. (What does 'Sudocrem' mean, BTW. Is it a pseudo cream, a cream pretending to be a cream??)

bsg Tue 20-Dec-05 21:27:22

I thought you could have thrush without the itchiness?

tamba Tue 20-Dec-05 21:30:23

Nope we dont have any canistan either grrr

Same knickers i always wear (not every day though ) and same washing powder etc.

I am just reading the link now - thanks xx

WigWamBam Tue 20-Dec-05 21:31:45

Can you send dh out to a chemist to get you something?

northerner Tue 20-Dec-05 21:32:40

In my dh's industry this is commonly known as 'Chef's arse'. They get it from running around in a hot sweaty kitchen.

Sudocrem, cotton pants and loose fitting trews should do the trick

NotQuiteCockney Tue 20-Dec-05 21:33:57

Apparently thrush on regular skin looks like shiny red skin with bits of white on it.

While chafed skin just looks like it's got welts on it, raised red bits.

NappyRash Tue 20-Dec-05 21:34:04

Hes already had a drink and i dont drive.

I have some aquas (sp?) cream - that stuff for dry skin or some johnsons moisteriser cream and thats about it.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 20-Dec-05 21:34:58

More fluid could be a) a time of the month thing - ovulation etc b) thrush. Although then it smells a bit.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 20-Dec-05 21:35:42

Aqueous cream might be ok. Or, if it's chafing, a bath with a bit of oil (any sort really, olive is fine) in it.

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Tue 20-Dec-05 21:36:32

If I were you and had no cream available, i would get undressed and let the area be exposed to the air for a while (ludicrous vision of you lying on your back as for a smear test, typing away on a laptop computer held up by your feet!)

NappyRash Tue 20-Dec-05 21:38:01

I had AF last week so is it too soon to be ovulating already?

I havent noticed anything smelling

on the bright side at least, I get to go straight to sleep when i go to bed!

bauble99 Tue 20-Dec-05 21:38:35

Try the aqueous cream and have a bath. You minger!!!!!

BTW. I'm only laughing as I've been reaching for the Anusol of late. I feel I can join you in a bit of Sista-ly (or hairy arsed trucker-ly) self-depreciation.

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