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Rhiannon Mon 29-Oct-01 19:07:12

I was thinking about becoming an Egg Donor, but know absolutely nothing about what it involves. I presume it can't be a nice experience otherwise I'm sure more of us would do it. Anyone got any gory details? R.

Batters Mon 29-Oct-01 19:53:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kizzie Mon 29-Oct-01 20:15:52

Hi Rhiannon
I had IVF so know what egg donation involves as they use the saem procedure to collect the eggs. You inject and sniff hormones for a few weeks and go for a series of scans to check that the eggs are developing ok. On the night before the collection you have a final injection and then go into hospital. The procedure is done under general or local anaesthetic depending on the hospital. Feel a bit sore afterwards but nothing too bad. I think the major things to consider are:
* hormones can potentially affect your moods (although only short term may make it difficult if looking after children)
* Are you fully happy for your eggs to be used to produce a child that you will never see?
* General Anaesthetic is very safe these days but not particularly pleasant.

I wouldn't want to put you off in anyway because egg donors do a wonderful thing but I think you really need to think carefully before you go ahead.

Chanelno5 Mon 29-Oct-01 20:15:58

From what I've gathered from watching TV etc. I think it's a similar procedure to how they gather eggs for use in IVF. You are given drugs to stimulate and ripen your eggs and then they are collected by a needle - how exactly I'm not sure. Have I confused things more for you? I don't know anyone who has done it, but I think people who do are very brave. I know that there is a real need for egg donors unlike sperm donors (strange that!).

Bloss Mon 29-Oct-01 22:01:31

Message withdrawn

Rhiannon Mon 29-Oct-01 22:45:25

Oh dear, I'm 34 and 35 next year. I'm also on Depo Provera which I presume I'd have to come off to have any egg production. Thanks for the advice. R.

Pamina Tue 30-Oct-01 13:25:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Paula1 Tue 30-Oct-01 14:58:25

I did read an article a while ago that seemed to suggest some link with the hormones used to stimulate egg production and certain forms of cancer (breast and ovarian I think) - it might be worth talking to someone who knows about that angle.

Suew Tue 30-Oct-01 21:46:55

Pamina I think they way it works usually is that potential recipients of eggs are asked to find someone who will donate their eggs. These eggs are not (necessarily) used for that recipient though - but the recipient moves higher up the list if someone responds to their plea. That's why it's so important to quote the right reference no if you respond to an appeal in classified ads or in the paper, or on a website as someone has paid for that ad in the hope of hastening their treatment.

Donna247 Thu 01-Nov-01 10:08:31

can anyone tell me all about wot it involes ?
and does it cost anything?
do i get payed for doing it?

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