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Lump behind Belly Button? Umbilical Hernia?

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missnevermind Thu 06-Oct-11 23:37:09

I had an EMCS 10 weeks ago. I had a really good recovery and apart from still being in pain from the SPD/PGP everything is fine and back to normal.

Except, there is a lump behind and slightly above my belly button. I feels really weird as if something quite hard is there, I can press on it and I have no pain.

I had quite a list for my postnatal and forgot to mention it to the doctor, should I go back? It is not painful at all.

indigobarbie Fri 07-Oct-11 08:05:41

I'd get it checked out anyway just to ease your mind. Your abdominals might still be slightly parted in the middle. My belly button popped very early and I didn't realise this was because my muscles were separating, and that they also hold the pubic symphysis together. Had an emcs myself so know how hard it can be.
Please take care of yourself xx

orangeflutie Fri 07-Oct-11 13:26:33

It might be a hernia. My eldest dd had a lump just above her belly button when she was about 18 months old. It turned out to be an epigastric hernia.
The surgeon did an excellent job in sorting it out and she now has a tiny, almost invisible scar.

I agree it's best to get it checked out.

missnevermind Fri 07-Oct-11 15:30:43

Thanks both.
I have an appt with the nurse next Tuesday for my implant so will show it to her then and see what she says.

I have no feeling at all in that area from when they cut the nerves so I dont know if it should be hurting but I just cant feel it IYSWIM.

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