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Very heavy period post hysteroscopy

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ColdSancerre Thu 06-Oct-11 16:36:51

I had a hysteroscopy to resection a uterine septum in August, I then had a months worth of estrogen tablets to take to minimise scarring. Prior to the hysteroscopy I was on different hormone treatment to reduce the uterus lining in preparation for the op. So I haven't had a proper period for a while but did blled for 1-2 weeks post op which was to be expected.

I had a bleed 3 weeks ago when I stopped the estrogen tablets but it only lasted a day or so. Counting that as start of my cycle I just had an 18 day cycle which is not normal for me, usually 29.

The bleeding as been very heavy, normal on day 1 but yesterday and today (days 2 and 3) I have been emptying my mooncup every 2 hours ish and its been full everytime.

Does anyone know if this is normal for a first period post hysteroscopy? I'm starting to get concerned as the bleeding isn't tailing off.

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